Track Title:               Cheatin'

Album Title:               New Miserable Experience
Prime Artist:              Gin Blossoms
Producer:                  Gin Blossoms

Producer:                  John Hampton
Written by:                Jesse Valenzuela
Written by:                Doug Hopkins

New York City where it's cold as hell
And the streetlights shown in my blue room
I was thinking about the nights we spent
Back in Galveston beneath the Georgia moon
I was early and I'd had my share
I was countin' change for a cab ride back to bed
She looked at me through the cold night air
And thoughts of you kicked off inside my head
Well she was tall hair dark as midnight
She had a way just like you do
To make me feel just like a woman should
You can't call it cheatin'
Cause she reminds me of you
Though I loved you and the trust we shared
Lord don't tell me that I've thrown it all away
A moments weakness shouldn't change the fact
That I need you and there's nothing more to say
Lord she was tall... etc.