Track Title:               Hands Are Tied

Album Title:               New Miserable Experience
Prime Artist:              Gin Blossoms
Producer:                  Gin Blossoms
Producer:                  John Hampton

Written by:                Jesse Valenzuela
I've been waiting around all night
Your warm kiss is on my mind
A piece of you is all I got
But the whole damn thing is what I want
I've been waiting around here all night long
Holding on to the memories until they come undone
My hands are tied...
Telephone's ringing by my bed
I pick it up and the line goes dead
I splash summer water on my face
Clears my mind I'm out of this place
I've been waiting around here etc.
My nerves are frayed and I've had enough
I'm alot afraid that it'll hurt too much
I'm too tired to stop at all
I'm plain wore through waiting for your call
I've been waiting around here etc.