Track Title:               Mrs. Rita

Album Title:               New Miserable Experience
Prime Artist:              Gin Blossoms
Producer:                  Gin Blossoms

Producer:                  John Hampton
Written by:                Jesse Valenzuela
Written by:                Jim Swafford

I can see it in her letters on the paper with her pen
Her response is getting stronger
Think she's coming round again
Tell me Mrs. Rita, what's it say in my tarot
Read my palm and tell me why do lovers come and go
Is she coming round for me once again, around
Or was that the end
I just hope she's coming round again
I've been keeping myself busy
With my books and with my tapes
Everyday's much better since I slowed my drinking pace
There's no swimming in the bottle
It's just someplace we all drown
I lost myself in sorrow
Lost my confidence in doubt
Is she coming round, etc.
Get in the car and drive through town
Down the block and back around
Pretending she's there with me we drive
Gone forever...
My patience keeps me plaintive
My high hopes keep me alone
My lovers will is shaken
I wish she would just come home
So tell me Mrs. Rita, etc.
I want to tell if I am or am not myself
It's hard to know how far or if at all could go
Waiting far too long for something I forgot was wrong
I don't know all the answers I think I'll find
Or have it within the time but it's all that I'll have in mind
Until I fall away
That won't keep us waiting long
Until I fall away
I don't know what to do anymore
Until I fall away
My fear pretend that I'll never be alone again
It's real to me but not like these fools and not like this scene
I won't find or have it within the time
If it's all rusted and fade in the spot where we fell
Where I thought I'd left behind
It's loose now but we could try
Until I fall away... etc.
Where there's no good answers
To those new questions
Another personal disaster
There's nowhere to go but down...