Track Title:               Find Your Way

Album Title:               Wild Seed - Wild Flower
Prime Artist:              Dionne Farris
Lyrics by:                 Dionne Farris
Music by:                  Randy D. Jackson

Music by:                  Tim Heintz
Music by:                  Dionne Farris

Never knowing in the dark, in the light, when the world will change
Eliminating all the far, all the sadness in the falling rain
Touch my heart, touch my soul, lead me into the light of the day
Time slips ever fast, instantly becoming the past

You've gotta find your way before it's too late

Endless sky, yours and mine, for to see all our dreams to come
With all you see, focus your energies on what is to be done
Live your life, love yourself, know that everything has just begun
Time slips ever fast, instantly becoming past