Track Title:               Passion
Album Title:               Wild Seed - Wild Flower
Prime Artist:              Dionne Farris

Lyrics by:                 Dionne Farris

Music by:                  Skitch Lovette
Music by:                  Billy Fields

Everything's so crystal clear now
All I needed was time
Everything's so crystal clear now
I've cleaned my mind

Now the sky has opened
There are no limits to this
Let me feel the passion
That I know exists when you're with me
Cause I can feel it when you look at me

And baby that's about the time
Your lips touch mine
Feels so good when we intertwine
Like the motion of the ocean
The feeling's like no other

Passion is with me

Touch my heart, touch my soul
Lead me into the light of a new day
Touch my heart, touch my soul
Lift me up into the wonder of ecstacy

I am here to explore
Do as it pleases us
And there will be no resistance
So come on in and let nature take its course
This is what we've been waiting for, yeah, yeah, yeah