Track Title:               Shine

Album Title:               Stephane Grappeli / David Grisman Live
Prime Artist:              Stephane Grappelli
Producer:                  David Grisman
Written by:                Ford Dabney

Written by:                Lew Brown
Written by:                Cecil Mack

Shine (Dabney/Mack/Brown)
When I was born they christened me plain Samuel Johnson Brown.
But I hadn't grown so very tall, 'fore some folks in this town
Had changed it 'round to "Sambo"; I was "Rastus" to a few.
Then "Chocolate Drop" was added by some others that I knew.
And then to cap the climax, I was strolling down the line
When someone shouted, "Fellas, hey! Come on and pipe the shine!"
But I don't care a bit. Here's how I figure it:
Well, just because my hair is curly,
And just because my teeth are pearly;
Just because I always wear a smile,
Likes to dress up in the latest style.
Just because I'm glad I'm livin',
Takes trouble smilin', never whine.
Just because my color's shady,
slightly different maybe that's why they call me shine.

Lyrics kindly provided by J. Manuel Moreira