Track Title:               Goodbye To Grace

Album Title:               Daisy
Prime Artist:              Dog's Eye View
Producer:                  Matt Wallace

Written by:                Peter (F.) Stuart

You, without saying anything, let it be known
that I, without doing anything, had thrown it all away.
Down the laundry chute, all the cute little words and melodies
won't save me now--
now that we've gone this far.
We've said goodbye--
said goodbye
goodbye to grace
I, was waiting for a witness
and you, were waiting for the door to open up
to set you free from this mess.
You turned your back
said "you don't know anything about love".
You said goodbye--
said goodbye
said goodbye to grace
We, washed ourselves clean of all feeling.
We were feeling good,until we both got scare--
of ourselves and of each-other.
We bailed out--
we don't live here anymore.
We said goodbye
said goodbye
said goodbye to grace