Track Title:               Funky Nassau
Album Title:               Blues Brothers 2000
Prime Artist:              Joe Morton

Vocal:                     Erykah Badu

Originally made famous by: Beginning of the End
Producer:                  Paul Shaffer
Written by:                Frank Munnings

Written by:                Liroy Munnings
Written by:                Rafael Munnings
Written by:                Rudolph Pinder
Written by:                Peter Humes

Written by:                Tyrone Fitzgerald
Nassau's gone funky and Nassau's gone soul
We've got a doggone beat now
We're gonna call our very own Mini skirts, maxi skirts and Afro hair do
People are doin' their won
Don't care 'bout you and me

Naussau rock and Nassau roll
Nassau's got a whole lot of soul
Listen to the drummer strum in his feet
New York they say has got a whole lot of soul
London town is too doggone cold
Nassau's got sunshine and this you all know
But we've gone funky
And got some soul too
Funky Nassau funky