Track Title:               Boxing
Album Title:               Ben Folds Five

Prime Artist:              Ben Folds Five
Producer:                  Caleb Southern
Written by:                Ben Folds

                 Howard, strangest things
                 Have happened lately
                 When I take a good swing
                 And all my dreams
                 They pivot and slip
                 I drop my fists and they're back
                 Laughing Howard
                 My intention's become not to lose what I've won
                 Ambition has given way to desperation and I
                 Lost the fight from my eyes

                 Boxing's been good to me, Howard
                 Now I'm old, you're growing old
                 The whole time we knew
                 In a couple of years I'd be through
                 Has boxing been good to you?

                 Howard, I confess I'm scared and lonely and tired
                 They seem to think I'm made of clay
                 Another day, not cut out for this
                 I just want to say, I say...


                 Well sometimes I punch myself as hard as I can
                 Yelling nobody cares hoping someone will tell me how
                 Wrong I am


                 Has boxing been good
                 Has boxing been good to you?

                 By Ben Folds