Track Title:               In The Darkest Place

Album Title:               Painted From Memory
Prime Artist:              Elvis Costello  (Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus)
Producer:                  Burt Bacharach
Producer:                  Elvis Costello  (Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus)

Written by:                Burt Bacharach
Written by:                Elvis Costello  (Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus)

In the darkest place
I know
That is where you'll find me
Even though you didn't have to remind me
I shut out the light
Your eyes adjust
They'll never be the same
You know I love you so
Let's start again
Since you put me down
It seems
I've been very gloomy
You may laugh
But pretty girls look right through me
They don't sense the pain just glimmering
That is the torch I bear
There's light enough for me to find my way
But I only have to tell myself that by now you could be with
There's no light beneath your door and laughter from within
Do your friends come around saying, "Try to find another lover"
He won't love you like I do
In the darkest place
I'm lost
I have abandoned every hope
Maybe you'll understand
I must shut out the light