Track Title:               Reasons

Album Title:               Gratitude
Prime Artist:              Earth, Wind & Fire
Producer:                  Joe Wissert
Producer:                  Maurice White

Producer:                  Charles Stepney
Written by:                Maurice White
Written by:                Charles Stepney
Written by:                Philip Bailey  (P. James B.)

From the Album:            That's The Way Of The World  1975 (A)

Now, I'm craving your body,˙
Is this for real˙˙
Temperature rising, don't wanna feel˙
I'm in the wrong, place to be real˙
I'm longing to love you˙
If just for a night,˙
Kissing and hugging, holding you tight.˙
Please let me love you.˙
All my might˙
Reasons, reasons do I˙fear˙
Reasons that we hear.˙
Can't find a reason.˙
That my feeling don't disappear˙
And after this love game has been played,˙
All our illusions was a parade˙
And the reasons start to fade˙
In the morning, when I˙rise no longer˙
Feeling hypnotized.˙
I find my reason had no pride.˙