Track Title:               Pride
Album Title:               The Eternal Dance (disc 3, 1978-1989)
Prime Artist:              Earth, Wind & Fire

Arranger:                  Jerry Hey
Producer:                  Maurice White
Written by:                Fred White
Written by:                Larry Dunn  (Lorenzo Russell Dunn)

Written by:                Albert Philip McKay

Written by:                Verdine White
Written by:                Maurice White
Written by:                Philip Bailey  (P. James B.)

From the Album:            Faces  1980 (A)
Mighty men have come and gone
but the pride lingers on
Heritage will claim every man
with desire to make a stand
Some say pride's for the strong
what's the use, holding on
We say pride's everyone who
wants to come, touch the sun
While you pout, is your world
in doubt, it's all about
Life won't let you out of the scheme
Just believe in your dreams
Pressing on self esteem
Now participate, time for love
to motivate
Energies to say, brighter you, brighter day
Set your mind in view,
of the real man in you
Time to check it out
Pride relieves all your doubt