High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) - Instructors

This section is aimed specifically at instructors, mostly new ones. There's nothing here that should be 'secret' to a student, but it's just aimed at the instructors.

I've been instructing HPDE since 2015. I have managed to teach 50 HPDE students in my first two years, and I thought I'd share some things I've learned about the equipment and the craft.

This website isn't intended to be a one stop shop for making you into an HPDE instructor. I hope it's thought provoking and helpful in some way.

I'll build this up article by article. Stay tuned.

Who teaches HPDE?

Why do it?

Attitude, Demeanor, Body Language

Pacing Your Conversation

Intercom usage in general

Chatterbox Wired Intercom

Sena Bluetooth Intercom

Run Groups, differences in various clubs

Thoughts on Driver Skills

Coaching for Xtreme Xperience

What it's like to attend Instructor Clinic for ACNW

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