Drip Irrigation for Pots
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I don't have a ton to say on drip irrigation for pots. We practice it at home on the patio and deck. It's all 1/4 inch stuff with similar principles; tees, ells, tubing, emitters. I can say that the 1/4 inch stuff seems to be more 'universal' across brands. I can't recall ever having elements in this size that did not work well together. The 'barbed' 1/4 inch bits plug into the main line tubing and are distributed by 1/4 inch tubing to where you need them.

We have just a handful of pots on one of our plots.

To connect the 1/4 inch to the manifold or header tubing, you need the same tool as before. The Dripworks yellow punch is among the best I've seen. If you're doing more than 20-30 penetrations, consider buying more than one. They work best when they're sharp. Dripworks says you can sharpen them on a bench grinder but I don't have one of those.

Route the 1/4 inch tubing up into the pots, anchor down, tee it off as needed, add emitters.

I have been impressed so far with these dripworks take apart emitters. I've also used the Rain Bird Micro Bubblers in pots at home for several years. They're easy to unscrew and let the silt blow out.

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