Todd's Review of Frontsight - Door Clearance, Shoothouse

Clearing a Doorway

The lunchtime lecture on the third day of my four day Defensive Handgun class at Frontsight was on clearing a doorway and clearing a room. This, taught professionally, was completely new to me. We've all seen too much 'Hollywood' on this topic, and the instruction here was refreshingly basic, common sense stuff that mostly put the lie to that which we see on film. Some of the bullet points I recall:

On Doorways - Entering the doorway once you've 'cleared' it - From these basic instructions, we went on to:

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. is the delightful nick-name of Frontsight's range devoted to Door Clearance drills. It's about 25 doors / doorframes set up 'five by five' on a desert range, and it really does look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. They mass most of the instructors / staff there for that day at this one location for an hour or two and move all the students through it. Interestingly, it gives you a shot at interacting with another staff member.

The exercise is done with a 'red gun', a solid plastic non-functional replica of a handgun (a Colt 1911, if memory serves). In the exercise, the student goes through all the steps I outline above under 'Clearing a Doorway'. Each instructor has a slightly different twist, and the students take turns being the 'unknown' guy behind the door, and then being the guy who comes through the door.

This exercise could probably be practiced for days to wring out all the nuances of it, but 'once' gives everyone a little taste. It probably serves best to reinforce the notion that if at all possible, it's usually smartest to barricade while armed and call 911 if at all possible.

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