Source Material on Investing - Paul Merriman’s site has many articles on basics of investing, diversification, Market Timing, how to invest in your company’s 401K, etc. 


The Radical Guide To Investing - This website really gelled my thinking on diversification, rebalancing, cost avoidance, and wealth building/management without benefit of a paid advisor.  It was also my primary introduction to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - One of the best known portals for independent investing advice.  Stronger in Mutual Funds than ETFs, I still turn to them for ‘basic research’ on a given fund.  They have an irritating way of constantly ‘teasing’ you with little tidbits of research that are only available if you’re a paid subscriber.  Everybody has to make money somehow, they just don’t have to get mine.  One quirk that I have discovered: sometimes you get more information than is on the free website by printing out the report on the fund.  Once the new window has spawned, select ‘full report’ within it. - The folks at Radical Guide turned me on to this basic research tool for Exchange Traded Funds.  The interface is a little kludgy, but it’s another source of information. - Charles Schwab.  I don’t know what research tools are available there if you’re not a client, but as a client, their tools are very valuable.  As I come up with novel or different funds, it’s always helpful to return to Schwab and see if I can buy it cheaply there, whether they can suggest a lower-cost alternative, etc. - Yahoo Finance is a good ‘all arounder’ for digesting news on the markets, showing articles related to my fund holdings, and providing technical data.  One area they seem to be weak on is *explaining* the technical data they’re presenting, which leads me to: - I’ve just discovered this site, but it seems to do a good job of explaining the basics on technical terms used at Yahoo Finance (e.g. What the heck is a ‘Bollinger Band’?) - This one is related to ‘Investor Words’.  They have an interesting ‘University’ section where they dig down a little deeper into investor education.  Note that they are not kind on the subject of ‘Market Timing’.


Jim Rogers book, Hot Commodities : How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market – an interesting perspective on this very different marketplace.


Annuity Glossary – I’ve never bothered looking into annuities, as they don’t really fit any of my needs.  If you’re interested, these are the basic terms defined.

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