So who is Todd Peach, and why is he writing on the web about investing?


I am not an expert on investing by any means.  I am (at this writing in 2006) a 45 year old engineer with the Boeing company who has struggled with the question of how to invest for the last decade or so.  I was loathe to pay anybody for advice, as I tended to be suspicious of their motivations and how they were compensated.   The two most common compensation forms seem to be:

  1. Pay somebody a fee (often around 1% of assets under management) to do it all.
  2. Pay somebody a sales commission or load for recommending a specific investment.


So I set out to research how to ‘do it myself’.  I share what I’ve found on this website for a number of reasons.  First, it helps me to clarify my thinking by writing these notes to myself, and I can group my favorite web resources / references in one place where I can retrieve them.  Second, it’s a way to lay it all out for my wife Sharon.  She’s a CPA, but she has essentially ceded all the marital investment decisions to me (it’s an odd relationship in many ways).  If I get hit by a truck or otherwise incapacitated, this little web diary of ‘what I was thinking’ when I invested in various instruments will serve as a trail of breadcrumbs for her.  Third, it’s a way to share a way of thinking about investments with others who may be struggling as I was (e.g. some of my ‘new hire’ co-workers who are new to investing).  And lastly, *I* may be compensated by expanding my website and selling a few Google advertisements.


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