Track Title:               Hey Paula
Album Title:               60's Top Of The Pop Hits, vol. 1, disc 6
Prime Artist:              Paul & Paula

Written by:                Ray Hildebrand
Hey Paula
Paul & Paula
(Ray Hildebrand)

Paul:   Hey, hey Paula, I wanna marry you
        Hey, hey Paula, no one else will ever do
        I've waited so long for school to be through
        Paula, I can't wait no more for you
        My love, my love

Paula:  Hey Paul, I've been waiting for you
        Hey, hey, hey Paul, I want to marry you too
        If you love me true, if you love me still
        Our love will always be real
        My love, my love

Both:   True love means planning a life for two
        Being together the whole day through
        True love means waiting and hoping that soon
        Wishes we've made will come true
        My love, my love