Track Title:               Wooden Heart

Album Title:               60's Top Of The Pop Hits, vol. 1, disc 4
Prime Artist:              Joe Dowell
Originally made famous by: Elvis Presley
Written by:                Kay Twomey  (Kathleen G. T.)

Written by:                Fred Wise
Written by:                Bert Kaempfert
Written by:                Ben Weisman
From the Film:             G.I. Blues  1961 (M)

Wooden Heart
Joe Dowell

Can't you see I love you
Please don't break my heart in two
That's not hard to do
'Cause I don't have a wooden heart

And if you say good-bye
Then I know that I would cry
Maybe I would die
'Cause I don't have a wooden heart

There are no strings upon this love of mine
It was always you from the start
Treat me nice, treat me good, treat me like you know you should
'Cause I'm not made of wood and I don't have a wooden heart