Tabs, Chords, MP3, MIDI, etc.

People write me all the time asking for other forms of files having to do with music. Herewith are my stock answers:

Tabs and Chords
I don't read music, so I've never had a need for tabs and chords. Some of my lyric files (probably less than 1%) have tabs or chords in them, but that's because that was the way I found the lyric. The only advice I have for locating tabs or chords is to use a major search engine (like or and use one or more of the following keywords in the search string, along with the song title information:

MP3, RA, wav files
I don't have any recordings in these formats, nor do I want them. Please don't ask me to make them for you; I don't know how, and I'm not really interested in learning. I have links on my site to They have snippets of RA files to help you make your purchasing selections. If you are bound and determined to build a collection of music without actually paying for it, I would suggest you try your public library. Mine has an excellent CD catalog, and you can then make your own recordings from them.

I don't know anything at all about MIDI files.

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