Dat's-a My Gal

[1st VERSE:]
I'm in love like a dove
Got no time to work-a with da pick and shov'
Feel so gay that I say
If I die tomorrow, honest boss I feel no sorrow
'Cause I feel so fine all the time
Got-a such-a feeling like da champagne wine
Since I met-a my sweet Annette-a much love I get-a for mine

My gal, she's-a got-a such-a figure
So big, maybe it's a little bigger
Small feet just-a like-a Japaneese-a
Big waist, it take me seven days to squeeze 'er
My gal, she's a dream-a, peach-a, cream-a
Sweet to beat the band and
When you see a miss who got-a shape-a like-a diss
Dat's-a my gal

[2nd VERSE:]
My gal's pop he's nice wop
He's-a got-a much-a swell-a barber shop
Once he said when we wed
If the business is rotten he's a shave-a me for not'in'
And he's got some gal what
Manicure my fingers ev'ry day for not'
Feel so glad that I can't get mad and I feel yet better than that

That Dying Rag

[1st VERSE:]
Honey, I'm sinkin' fast
Soon I will breathe my last
Fever is very high
Doctor said I will die
'Fore I take my long, long rest
Grant me, dear, one request
'Member that afternoon
We heard that dreamy tune
When you remarked to me
Who wrote that melody
That's the air I want to share before I die

Honey dear, I must be going I fear
I feel the finish is near
Please bring your cello in here
While I see just play the sweet melody
And honey, call it for me
"That Dying Rag"

[2nd VERSE:]
Honey, don't hesitate
Soon it will be too late
Heavenly gates I see
St. Peter's calling me
Thank the Lord I'm gwine to go
Up above, not below
Right on my tombstone, dear
Put this inscription clear
"Buried without disgrace
Died with a smiling face"
Honey say I passed away without a care

Alexander's Ragtime Band

[1st VERSE:]
Oh, ma honey
Oh, ma honey
Better hurry and let's meander
Ain't you goin'
Ain't you goin'
To the leaderman, ragged meter man?
Oh, ma honey
Oh, ma honey
Let me take you to Alexander's grandstand, brass band
Ain't you comin' along?

Come on and hear
Come on and hear
Alexander's ragtime band
Come on and hear
Come on and hear
It's the best band in the land

They can play a bugle call like you never heard before
So natural that you want to go to war
That's just the bestest band what am, honey lamb

Come on along
Come on along
Let me take you by the hand
Up to the man
Up to the man
Who's the leader of the band

And if you care to hear the Swanee River played in ragtime
Come on and hear
Come on and hear
Alexander's ragtime band

[2nd VERSE:]
Oh, ma honey
Oh, ma honey
There's a fiddle with notes that screeches
Like a chicken
Like a chicken
And the clarinet is a colored pet
Come and listen
Come and listen
To a classical band what's peaches
Come now, somehow
Better hurry along

[alternate line:]
So natural that you want to hear some more

Virginia Lou

[1st VERSE:]
I'm writing her a letter
To Virginia where I met her
And believe me I'll feel better
When she knows I'm coming home
My heart will cease it's aching
If God grants tomorrow's waking
A train I will be taking to my own
Let me hear a Southern tune
For I'm going back to Virginia soon

Virginia Lou 
I'm coming home to you
Because I'm lonesome and blue
All through and through
Southern jokes and Southern folks
Are good enough for me too
If they're for you
If I remain
I'll go insane
I'm waiting now to bless the train
That carries me back to old Virginia
Lou, Lou
I'm coming home to you
Virginia Lou

[2nd VERSE:]
If Southern blood flows in yer
Take a map of old Virginia
Look 'er over and then kin yer
Help but say that none compare
The map is bound to find yer
Weeping tears of joy that blind yer
If you left one behind yer, waiting there
Pretty gals there's quite a few
But there's only one Virginia Lou

When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome

[1st VERSE:]
I feel blue, lonesome too
Just because I'm all alone
I confess lonesomeness
Seems to be the only friend I own
No one cares to hear my woes
Friendless like a faded rose
I'm unhappy, goodness knows
When I'm all alone

When I'm alone
I'm lonesome
When I'm alone
I'm blue
Someone kindly listen to my sympathy plea
Ev'ry other girl and brother
Has a pal just like a mother
Whom they can tell their troubles
Whom they can call their own
Won't somebody kindly hear me
Linger near me, come and cheer me
I'm lonesome when alone

[2nd VERSE:]
One O, O, now you know
That's the number of my phone
Five, six, eight on the gate
Now you know the number of my home
Father tries to make me glad
When he thinks I'm feeling sad
But there's things you can't tell Dad
When you're all alone

That Monkey Tune

[1st VERSE:]
Down in a sunny jungle town
Where the monkeys run around
Lived a crazy little monkey who loved to sing
A chimpanzee in a cocoanutty tree
Heard his nutty melody, she
Fell in love with his singing
From the branches a-clinging
She'd pitch her voice in a monkey key
And yell with all her might

Sing that monkey tune
You monkey loon
Don't dare to stop, hurry up, hurry up
I want to hear that strain so queer
Because I'm crazy about that monkey tune

[2nd VERSE:]
She kept a-shouting from the tree
For his nutty melody
Till the crazy little monkey looked up and said
"I want to spoon 'neath the monkey honey moon
To the nutty wedding tune, soon"
Mister and Missus Monkey
Pitched their voices in one key
And now they can't get a wink of sleep
The baby yells all night

I Beg Your Pardon, Dear Old Broadway

[1st VERSE:]
Broadway, Broadway, I've a message from a friend across the foam
From someone who loves you dearly
Tho' he's miles away from home
Kind applause is not his cause
Because I know he loves you true
I'll feel better when I read his letter
Here's the words he wrote to you:

I beg your pardon, dear old Broadway
For list'ning to a foreign song
I thought I'd find a street with which you could compete
I only found that I was wrong
My hat's aloft to you, old Broadway
You're in a class alone today
And if I thought for a minute that the others were in it
Won't you pardon me, Broadway?

[2nd VERSE:]
Broadway, I too said goodbye to all the sights across the sea
Joy! once more for soon I saw
The Statue of Old Liberty!
Hand in air, she greets you there
To drive away all care and pain
Joy smiles at you, while the great big statue
Seems to say, "Never again!"

The Whistling Rag

[1st VERSE:]
Alexander Johnson had a music ear
He could whistle any tune he'd ever hear
Couldn't sing or hum, he was good as dumb
When it came to singing, but you bet he could whistle some
Liza heard him whistling a ragtime air
"Me for you," she whispered to him then and there
Now he can't decline, be it rain or shine
Liza keeps a-shouting all the time

Honey, whistle that whistling rag [whistle]
Fill your lungs with that whistling drag
Blessings upon the fairy who revealed my black canary
Honey, I can't reply, just 'cause my lips are dry
So, honey, whistle that whistling rag [whistle]
That's the whistling rag

[2nd VERSE:]
Alexander whistled till he caught a cold
Pretty soon the fever got a stranglehold
Doctor shook his head, looked at him and said
"Cut the whistle out," the doctor shouted, "And stay in bed"
Liza heard the doctor and began to shout
"Doctor, if you're goin' to cut the whistle out
Won't you kindly wait e'er it's too late?
Let me say before you operate"

When You're In Town

[1st VERSE:]
One fine day on Broadway
Simple Sally Brown
Met a trav'ling salesman who was trav'ling around
"Howdy do, how are you?
Let's go see the town"
Sally answered, "What a pity
I would like to but the city
Folks would talk, they would talk, you know that they can
But I'd like to know you better, Mister Trav'ling Man

When you're in town, in my home town
Look me up, look me up
I'll be happy to see you
When you're passing my way, drop in and stay
If you'll come, you're welcome as flowers in May
And you can hang your samples on a sour apple tree
And I'll see that no one's around
For I'd much rather walk where the neighbors don't talk
When in town call around, goodbye

[2nd VERSE:]
Sally Brown settled down
Wed her trav'ling man
He said, "Dearie, I'll be home as much as I can"
Trav'ling men, now and then
Get a telegram
Their employer sends a wire
"Go and see a certain buyer"
Looking 'round, Sally found in her hubby's coat
Seven diff'rent notes that seven diff'rent females wrote

Business is Business

[1st VERSE:]
Abie Bloom loved Miss Rosie Cohen
Abie as a bus'ness man was in a class alone
Rosie's family were satisfied
Abie owned a clothing store, a bus'ness man
Ev'ry month Rosie's father Mose
Walked in Abie's clothing store and took a suit of clothes
One day Abie drew Rosie near
And whispered these words in her ear:

Bus'ness is bus'ness, Miss Rosie Cohen
I've got to pay for ev'rything I own
Seven suits of clothes your father took out from my store
All he says is "Charge it to my future son-in-law"
Tell your expensive father C.O.D.
Don't mean, "Come on down to my store" 
Ev'ry little dollar carries int'rest all it's own
Bus'ness is bus'ness, Rosie Cohen!

[2nd VERSE:]
Abie said, "Listen Rosie dear
Ev'ry month a suit means just a dozen suits a year
Seven years and then your father Mose
He will have enough to start a clothing store
Then again, father is no fool
He can tell a cotton suit from one that's made of wool
Since I fell in love with you Rose
Your father is so hard on clothes

Down to the Folies Bergere

["Words and music by Vincent Bryan, Irving Berlin and Ted Snyder"]

[1st VERSE:]
Why do they rave about beautiful France
Where the wine flows and the maidens entrance
Why go to Berlin, Vienna or Rome
We can enjoy all their joys here at home
In old New York up at Long Acre Square
Turn 'round the corner, you'll find yourself there
Millions of miles from all trouble and care
Two doors from Heaven the Folies Bergere

Down, down, down, down, down to the Folies Bergere
Order a Taxi, a cab or a car
Go where the girlies sing oo la, la
Girls, boys, joys, noise, laughter and music all there
Ask me where?  Where?  Where?
Down to the Folies Bergere

[2nd VERSE:]
Why do they sing of the Rathskeller's joys
Who go to places just meant for the boys
We'll get the girls and we'll bring them along
Down to the folies, they'll see nothing wrong
Bring down your sweetheart and give her a seat
If your wife's there get a gallery seat
Then if your wife and your sweetheart should meet
Thirty-two exits lead out to the street

Spanish Love

["Words and music by Vincent Bryan, Irving Berlin and Ted Snyder"]

[1st VERSE:]
Love, never dying, love, ever sighing
Love, undenying love
Love, ever yearning, love, ever burning
Sweet fire from above
Love's mighty flame to my lonely heart came
'Tis a flame that will burn there forever evermore
Heaven above never knew greater love
Than the dear Spanish love I adore

Spanish love
Love that burns while it's chilling me
Thro' and thro' it is thrilling me
I would die for you willingly
Spanish love
With it's fire is instilling me
Flames of passion are filling me
Burning love that is killing me

[2nd VERSE:]
Dear one that I love, you shall be my love
Through all eternity
Time cannot change me, naught can estrange me
My king you'll ever be
Make me your own, let my heart be your throne
You will reign there alone, dear, forever and for aye
While time endures all my soul shall be yours
As I bow to your love's mighty sway

When It Rains, Sweetheart, When It Rains

[1st VERSE:]
So you want me to say that I love you
In the words of a storybook man
Little girl, what you ask
Is indeed quite a task
Playing hero is more than I can
I'm a stranger with flowery speeches
As a poet I never could learn
All that I ask of you is to love me
This is all I can say in return

I'll make ev'ry Monday a Sunday
I'll cover a wrong with a right
I'll still wear a smile in the morning
The smile that I wore last night
I'll stick when the sunshine has vanish'd
And darkness is all that remains
I'll hold an umbrella up over your head
When it rains, sweetheart, when it rains

[2nd VERSE:]
If I said that you looked like a princess
Or a queen, I'd be telling you lies
'Cause I never have seen
Any princess or queen
Still I don't think I've cheated my eyes
All the words Mister Webster made famous
With "I love you" they never could start
If the speaker is dead on the level
And the words come from down in his heart

Don't Put Out the Light

["Words and music by Edgar Leslie and Irving Berlin"]

[1st VERSE:]
I met Henry at a swell affair
Mother heard he was a millionaire
I told him that he may call some night
He seemed pleased and then replied, "All right!"
Sunday, Henry thought he'd look us up
Dropped in while the folks were having sup
Henry felt embarrassed for he thought I'd be alone
So my mother called me over and said in a whispered tone:

Put out your little sister Millie
Put out your little brother Willie
Tell Aunt Marie to be going on her way
Don't forget to say: "Call another day!"
Put father wise to put out Molly
Tell him to put her on a trolley
You may have some fun, put out ev'ry one
But don't put out the light

[2nd VERSE:]
Soon I had the parlor to myself
Placed the lamp upon the mantelshelf
Then he got as loving as could be
Asked if I would sit upon his knee
After spooning for an hour or more
He said, "Dear, my eyes are getting sore
Doctor said the light is detrimental to my eyes"
Now I would have done it gladly had my mother not advised:

Molly O! Oh, Molly!

[1st VERSE:]
Mike O'Toole, on a stool
Sat one Sunday morning fair
Molly O, pure as snow
Happened to be passing there
She smiled and said, "I see you're all alone"
Listen to some blarney Michael brought from home
"Maiden sweet, half my seat
You can have, sweet Molly O
Faith I'm glad that your dad 
Wed your mother years ago
They never thought their girl and Mike O'Toole
Would sit and talk upon the same old stool

Molly O, oh, Molly, I adore you
And I've got the spot, a regular house and lot
There's a great big future, dear, before you
I hate to be talking about myself
But when it comes to being father
I'm as gentle as could be
You don't say no, so now is me time to go
Consider yourself engaged to me
Good morning, Molly

[2nd VERSE:]
Molly sighed, then she cried
"Don't you think you'd rather stay?"
Michael winked, said, "I think
This will be a lovely day"
They sat for hours on the same old stool
Spooning like the teacher never taught at school
Michael read from his head
Seven chapters of a book
Ev'ry line meant a fine
Irish kiss that Michael took
At three A.M. beneath the smiling moon
The milkman heard him sing the same old tune

When You Kiss an Italian Girl

[1st VERSE:]
I no rave about Italy
I no talk about my country
Any place is the same to me
Just so long I got enough to eat
But I'd like-a to tell you dis
I'm-a kiss-a da plenty miss
But of all-a da sweet-a kiss
There's-a one got the world-a beat

[1st REFRAIN:]
When you kiss an Italian gal, boss
Oh! you feel-a 
Well, I don't know how to tell-a
But you get so excite
You go home that night
And put your left-a shoe upon the foot what is right
Let an Italian gal, boss
Kiss-a you upon the cheek
And you won't wash your face for a long-a time
'Cause it feel-a so swell
When you kiss an Italian gal

[2nd VERSE:]
My sweetheart-a look like a freak
Got a face-a just like next week
But the minute I kiss the cheek
Right away she look like Anna Hel'
Married men, if you got da strife
You can lead-a da happy life
Ev'ry time that you kiss your wife
Think of an Italian-a gal

[2nd REFRAIN:]
When you kiss an Italian gal, boss
Oh! you feel-a 
Well, I don't know how to tell-a
But before much-a long
You feel-a so strong
You go and choke da monk until he sing-a da song
Let an Italian gal, boss
Kiss-a you upon the cheek
And you won't wash your face for a long-a time
'Cause it feel-a so swell
When you kiss an Italian gal

Ephraham Played upon the Piano

[Words and music by Irving Berlin and Vincent Bryan]

[1st VERSE:]
Down below the Dixie line in Alabam'
Lived a lovin' piano player, Ephraham
'Cause he never took a lesson
He had ev'rybody guessin'
How he played with such a lovin' tone
Any old piano that he could annoy
Ephraham would call an instrument of joy
When it came to make a piano
Cry out in a fancy manner
Ephraham was in a class alone

Ephraham played upon the piano
Ephraham, he had a great left hand
Ephraham in his fancy manner
Made an upright sound like a "Baby Grand"

[2nd VERSE:]
Any kind of music he could understand
Still he didn't play by ear, he played by hand
When he started fishin'
For the tune that you'd been wishin'
Ev'ry other good musician stepped aside
Ephraham was never known to lose his head
I remember once a certain lady said
"Can you play a fiddle, Mister?"
He looked up and answered, "Sister
I don't know because I never tried"

You've Built a Fire Down in My Heart

[1st VERSE:]
Dearest, the day that I gazed in your eyes
That was the day that Cupid came
Some joyous feeling makes me realize
My heart is wrapped up in a flame
And you're piling coal of love, honey mine
On my burning heart all the time
Worried, unhappy I'm going about
Fearing you'll put this fire out

You've built a fire down in my heart
Dearest, it's burning higher than any house on fire
Just like a live, live wire, right from the start
Oh, my pretty heart's desire, you have built a fire
Down in my heart

[2nd VERSE:]
Dearest, I promise this fire will burn
Burn on until the end of time
All that I ask of you dear in return
Is lots of fuel, honey mine
And if e'er a spark of love should depart
From this fire down in my heart
Honey, I hope the spark travels to you
And sets your heart on fire too

Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree!

[Words and music by Irving Berlin and Vincent Bryan]

[1st VERSE:]
A great big tree grows near our house
It's been there quite some time
This tree's a slipp'ry elm tree and very hard to climb
But when my wife starts after me, up in that tree I roost
I go up like a healthy squirrel and never need no boost
The other day a woodman came to chop the refuge down
And carve it into kindling wood, to peddle 'round the town
I says to him, "I pray thee cease, desist, refrain and stop
Lay down that razor, man, chop not a single chop"

Woodman, woodman, spare that tree
Touch not a single bough
For years it has protected me 
And I'll protect it now
Chop down an oak, a birch or pine
But not this slipp'ry elm of mine
It's the only tree that my wife can't climb
So spare that tree

[2nd VERSE:]
I said to him, "You see that hole
Up near that old treetop
I've got five dollars there, that's yours, if you refrain to chop
No beast but me can climb that tree, 'cause it's too slippery
I can't get up myself, unless my wife is after me
So get my wife and I'll call her a very naughty word
And then you'll see me give an imitation of a bird
You may not know just where to go, when my wife gets around
But when she comes, remember this, if I'm not on the ground"

Run Home and Tell Your Mother

[1st VERSE:]
The other day, a pretty little maid
Dressed in her Sunday clothes
All alone went strolling up the avenue
Fellows looked as fellows do
A certain fellow stopped her as he said
"I beg your pardon, miss
I've been watching you for an hour or two
And I've got to tell you this

Run home and tell your mother
Your father and your brother
That they better keep their eyes on you
Don't forget, you're nothing but a pet
And all the boys are saying that they'll get you yet
If you don't watch out, some fellow will be stealing you
As fellows often do
Run home and tell your mother
Your father and your brother
That they better keep their eyes on you

[2nd VERSE:]
The maiden said, "How dare you dare you talk to me
I'll call an officer"
Pretty soon an officer was by her side
"He insulted me," she cried
The fellow started running down the street
And pretty soon he fled
While the fellow ran, mister policeman
Turned unto the maid and said

After the Honeymoon

[1st VERSE:]
Before you get married your sweetheart is your sweetheart to the dot
But after you marry, your sweetheart, girls
Becomes your sweetheart not
Of course there are many exceptions
To most ev'ry rule, but then
In this very case, any time, any place
Eleven times out of ten

After the honeymoo-oon
After the honeymoon
I'll wager my life there are millions of men
Who wish that their wives were their sweethearts again
After it's Mister and Missus
There's often a year between kisses
A sweet wedding cake only gives you an ache
After the honeymoon

[2nd VERSE:]
Before your engagement you want your love to stand and stand around
But after the wedding, it changes to
"For goodness sake sit down!"
You want who you want in the summer
You get who you want that fall
But after you've got who you wanted, it's not
The one whom you wanted at all

That Mysterious Rag

[1st VERSE:]
Did you hear it?  Were you near it?
If you weren't then you've yet to fear it
Once you've met it you'll regret it
Just because you never will forget it
If you ever wake up from your dreaming
A-scheming, eyes gleaming
Then if suddenly you take a screaming fit
That's it!

That mysterious ra-ag
While awake or while you're a-slumbering
You're saying, keep playing
That mysterious dra-ag
Are you listenin'?
Are you listenin'?
Look!  Look!
You're whistlin'
That mysterious ra-ag
Sneaky, freaky ever melodious, mysterious rag

[2nd VERSE:]
Any minute they begin it
E'er you know what you're about, you're in it
Then a feeling, most appealing
Comes a-stealing, sets your brain a-reeling
When it's too late and ev'ryone is yawning
Good morning, day dawning
Then if suddenly you hear a warning shout
Look out!

One O'Clock in the Morning I Get Lonesome

[1st VERSE:]
Jonesy with a frown was telling Mister Brown
"Old pal, I'm just as sick as I can be
Most ev'rything I've done, the doctors ev'ry one
In vain have tried to find a cure for me
They doctor me until I almost faint
They help'd me not for this is my complaint

[1st REFRAIN:]
One o'clock in the morning I get lonesome
One o'clock in the morning I get blue
But my wife and family won't stay up with me
So I've got to leave the house and hunt for company
Going in and out the diff'rent places
Places where they've thrown away the key
I just hunt until I'm wild 
For a woman, man or child
Who is troubled with the same complaint as me

[2nd VERSE:]
Many doctors thought an operation ought
To be the very thing without a doubt
They ether'd him, the fools, then went to get their tools
Came back at one to cut his lonesome out
They found a dozen nurses by his side
They ask'd him to explain and he replied

[2nd REFRAIN:]
One o'clock in the morning I get lonesome
One o'clock in the morning I get blue
All the ether 'neath the sun, ether by the ton
Couldn't keep me sleeping when the clock is striking one
So you'll have to wait until tomorrow
Soon I'll be as busy as a bee
For I've got an awful hunch
There's a nurse among the bunch
Who is troubled with the same complaint as me

There's a Girl in Havana

["By E. Ray Goetz and A. Baldwin Sloane" with lyrics and music by an
uncredited Irving Berlin]

[1st VERSE:]
I'm in love with you but I'll admit I've told the same tale o'er
To a lot of girls but I'll admit, 'twas never meant before
Like ev'ry boy, I've loved a few, 'tis true
But never with a love I feel for you
So I think for future happiness
My past I should confess

There's a girl in Havana
There's a girl in Savannah
I've wooed a few sweet girlies who 
I promised to be true to
But then I never knew, dear
That I'd ever meet you, dear
So let's forget the girls I met
Before I met you

[2nd VERSE:]
If a fellow says he loves you and he's never said the same
To another girl, if you believe him, you're the one to blame
When love is true each thought you would confide
When love is true there's naught that you could hide
So to prove my love is not amiss
Is why I tell you this

Don't Take Your Beau to the Seashore

[Words and music by E. Ray Goetz and Irving Berlin]
[Introduced by female impersonator Julian Eltinge]

[1st VERSE:]
Mother often said to me, "Someday a beauty fair
You may, or may not grow to be, in any case beware
Beside a fellow's side, a gown your faults will always hide
But not beside a fellow's side, beside the ocean side
He's there when you go in without a doubt
He's liable to be gone when you come out

Don't take your beau to the seashore
When bathing, don't take your beau to the shore
For bathing suits reveal what petticoats conceal
And if there's a slight defection
You will never stand inspection
When you go down to the seashore
Take my advice and you won't go wrong
Girls, when you go, if you've nothing to show
Don't take your beau along

[2nd VERSE:]
Mother knew a thing or two, she told me father dear
Had never seen her bathing, that's the reason I am here
An ankle should be covered good until the show'r of rice
And even then it's none too safe to show it more than twice
Although we know that love is blind, be wise!
A bathing suit may open up his eyes

Dog Gone That Chilly Man

[1st VERSE:]
Did you ever fall in love with a bonehead
A stoneheaded man
A man who doesn't know that the lights a-burning low
Mean he should be most loveable
That's the very kind of a man I'm in love with
A dove with no heart
When he should hug, snug like a bug within a rug
That's the time he wants to part

Dog gone that chilly man of mine
Overboard I'd shove him
Just because he made me love him
Dog gone that chilly man of mine
He's as cold a lover as the pole that Cook discovered
Dog gone that icy man of mine
With a heart just like a fan
For when I'm all fussed up for an ever lovin' spoon
He's out in the garden making faces at the moon
And I sigh and I cry
Dog gone that chilly man

[2nd VERSE:]
When your heart is jumping up to your collar
You holler for love
And that's the time a man should be doing all he can
To love his gal most beautiful
When I ask him for a kiss on his call-days
He'd always refuse
What would you think of any man who talks of love
While he reads the daily news?

Ragtime Violin!

[1st VERSE:]
Mister Brown, Mister Brown had a violin
Went around, all around with his violin
Lawdy, how he play'd it, sway'd it, made it moan so beautiful
Anna Lize, Anna Lize heard his violin
Roll'd her eyes, roll'd her eyes at his violin
Lawdy, how he lov'd her, turtledoved 'er
When Anna would cry

Fiddle up, fiddle up on your violin
Lay right on it, rest your chin upon it
Doggone you better begin
And play an overture upon your violin
Hurry up, hurry up with your violin
Make it sooner, don't you stop to tune 'er
Fid, fid, fid, fiddle the middle of your ragtime violin

[2nd VERSE:]
Mister Brown, Mister Brown at a fancy ball
Sat around, sat around, sat around the hall
Wouldn't take a chance to dance because the band was terrible
Anna Lize, Anna Lize hit upon a plan
Roll'd her eyes, roll'd her eyes at the leaderman
Took his fiddle down to Mister Brown to
Just kiss him and cry

Yiddisha Nightingale

[1st VERSE:]
Miss Minnie Rosenstein
Had such a voice so fine
Just like Tetrazzini
Any time that Minnie sang a song
You'd think of real estate seven blocks long
Some song!
Young Mister Abie Cohn used to call to her home
Just to hear her singing
Presents he was bringing
Full of bliss!
One night young Abie proposed to the Miss
Like this!

Yiddisha nightingale, sing me a song
Your voice has got such sweetness that it makes me strong
Yiddisha nightingale, sing me a song
I promise that I'll take you on a long honeymoon
I'd give a dollar to hear you, my queen
I wouldn't give a nickel to hear Tetrazzini
Just to hear your cultivated voice good and strong
I'd serve a year in jail
Yiddisha nightingale
Won't you sing me a song?

[2nd VERSE:]
Then said young Abie Cohn
"I'm going to buy a home
One that's made of marble
Dear, where you can warble harmony
And I don't care for expenses you see
That's me!
I'll go and learn to play on the piano, say
You'll sing while I'm playing
People will be saying 
As they pass
Some class!"

My Melody Dream

[Subtitled: "A Song Poem"]

A dream so beautiful
While in slumberland I seemed
To hear the sweetest melody
Sweetest melody
It seemed that melody
Had journeyed year after year
Then stopped to rest in my ear
Seeming to know it was welcome
But soon when I woke again
I found that beautiful strain 
Had left me crying in vain
Come back, come back again
Seems an angel from above
Had sent that melody
To remind me of my love
That vanished like my melody
Like my melody dream

Everybody's Doin' It Now

[1st VERSE:]
Honey, honey, can't you hear?
Funny, funny music, dear
Ain't the funny strain
Goin' to your brain?
Like a bottle of wine, fine
Hon', hon', hon', hon' take a chance
One, one, one, one little dance
Can't you see them all
Swaying up the hall
Let's be gettin' in line

Ev'rybody's doin' it
Doin' it, doin' it
Ev'rybody's doin' it
Doin' it, doin' it

See that ragtime couple over there
Watch them throw their shoulders in the air
Snap their fingers
Honey, I declare
It's a bear, it's a bear, it's a bear

Ev'rybody's doin' it
Doin' it, doin' it
Ev'rybody's doin' it
Doin' it, doin' it

Ain't that music touching your heart
Hear that trombone bustin' apart?
Come, come, come, come let us start
Ev'rybody's doin' it now

[2nd VERSE:]
Baby, baby get a stool
Maybe, maybe I'm a fool
Honey, don't you smile
Let us rest a while
I'm so weak in the chest, best
Go, go, go, go get a chair
No, no, no, no leave it there
Honey, if the mob
Still are on the job
I'm as strong as the rest

You've Got Me Hypnotized

[1st VERSE:]
Listen, honey dear 
I've been feeling queer
I don't know what to do
Since I fell in love with you
It's true
I'm feeling so lonesome and blue too
I'll go crazy soon
Morning, night and noon
I'm just going around
With my eyes upon the ground
And now, my honey I've found

You've got me hypnotized
I'm certainly mesmerized
I thought I was wise
Till I gazed in your beautiful eyes
That very day
You stole my heart away
I'm doing things I shouldn't do
Things I wouldn't do
Things I couldn't do
I could do for you
Just because you've got me hypnotized

[2nd VERSE:]
Honey, just for you
If you asked me to
Like a baby I'd crawl
Ev'ry time I hear you call
I'm all
Wrapped up in a heavenly shawl, all
That I do is fret
Till my eyes are wet
If my love disappears
I would sit and cry for years
And weep an ocean of tears

Bring Back My Lovin' Man

[1st VERSE:]
Kindly lend an ear to my appeal
I've lost the only man I had
You will know just how I feel
When I tell you I'm sadder than sad!
Ever since he left I'm looking pale
And ev'ry day I lose a pound
Won't you help me look around
Till my ever-lovin' man is found

Bring back my lovin' man
Bring back my great big bunch of sweetness
Bring back them kisses sweet
Find 'em!  Find 'em!
The kisses with the steam behind 'em!
Beneath the carpet in my hall
I got a little money
Take it all!  Take it all!
If you will bring back
To me my ever-lovin' man

[2nd VERSE:]
All I do is worry, day and night
I've lost the roses off my cheek
And I've lost my appetite
Haven't eaten a thing for a week
If you saw the foolish things I do
I know you'd stand right up and laugh
I've just kiss'd away 'most half
Of his ever-lovin' photograph

Sombrero Land

["By Goetz, Berlin, and Snyder"]

[1st VERSE:]
Starlight a-twinkling, mandolin tinkling sweet serenade
'Mid convent bells, of love sweetly tells a Mexican maid
Longing to go to, longing to know true love's parade
As he sings to eyes that dim fairest golden skies

Sombrero Land
Fair tropic strand
Beside the Rio Grande
With love my heart command
Eyes understand
What hearts demand
Come, we'll delight some, quite some
Bright Sombrero Land

[2nd VERSE:]
Silently hiding, silently sliding down to his arms
Two lips caress, with kisses impress her heart in their charms
Thro' gardens groping, they go eloping, silently flee
As once more to her, he tenderly hums his plea

Cuddle Up

[1st VERSE:]
Dearie, dearie, linger nigh
Hear me, hear me, hear me sigh
Since you told me that you love me
I've been feeling so fine
Some sweet something 'round my heart
Has been thumping from the start
I just feel like I've been bathing
In an ocean of wine

Cuddle up, my bunch of joy
Cuddle up and hold me, fold me
Come and build a nest on my lovin' breast
Nestle to your Venus
Nothing can come between us
Cuddle up, my bunch of joy
Cuddle up, caress me, press me
Oh, my darling beau
I want to show I love you so
And if you want to know just how I love you, dear
Come and cuddle up now

[2nd VERSE:]
Peachy, peachy, turtle dove
Teach me, teach me how to love
Tell me that you're glad you found me
Oh, my loveable boy
Meet me, greet me with a kiss
Sweety, treat me to some bliss
Throw your great big arms around me
Till I holler for joy

Bring Me a Ring in the Spring and I'll Know That You Love Me

[1st VERSE:]
Spooning and crooning they sit
Loving it quite a bit
Telling lies by the pack
See him steal a kiss from the pretty miss
Watch him put it back, smack!
"Honey, oh, honey, I swear
By my hair that I care
For nobody but you
Can't you tell the way I woo
That I love you, love you true?"
Then the maiden sings this chorus old
But sings it, oh, so new

Bring me a ring in the Spring 
And I'll know that you love me
A simple band of gold
Just like your father gave your mother in the days of old
Say what you may, what you say 
Doesn't mean that you love me
So if you want me to
Love you true
Bring me a ring in the Spring 
And I'll know that you love me

[2nd VERSE:]
"Whispering nothings, my dear
In my ear when I'm near
Is as sweet as can be
But I sit and grieve when you have to leave
That's what worries me, see!
When I'm just bathing in woe
Don't you know that my beau
Should be right by my side?
Then again I've tried and tried
To become a blushing bride
If you love me, tie it with a knot
That cannot be untied"

He Promised Me

[1st VERSE:]
Kindly stop that music from playing, "Oh Promise Me" 
Because it makes me sad, so sad
It brings back to my memory
Years and years of misery
Thoughts of one who promised me
A love I thought I had

He promised me that someday he would marry me
He promised me a beautiful home
One down by the sea
He promised that he'd pay
For the wedding day
On the first of May
Then he moved away, and all he left
Were the promises he promised me

[2nd VERSE:]
Sealskins, autos, dresses and diamonds he promised me
And told me that someday he'd pay
My ringless fingers know he's gone
All my rings he put in pawn
Even took the tickets on
The day he moved away

Meet Me To-night

[1st VERSE:]
Molly's dad and mother
Sister and her brother
Went to see an uncle
Leaving Molly all alone
Molly on her own hook
Took the telephone book
Soon Miss Central heard this conversation o'er the phone
"Now Charlie, dear, I need your company
And if you want to prove your love to me

Meet me tonight, meet me tonight
Bring down your kisses, I'll be there with mine all right
We'll start out at seven, spoon until eleven
Then we'll start for "Home Sweet Home's" a pretty ditty
Meet me tonight, meet me tonight
Don't disappoint me, honor bright
Love and kisses we'll be pawning
Till the yawning, dawning, morning
If you meet me tonight

[2nd VERSE:]
Charlie met Miss Molly
They got feeling jolly
Talked a while, then walked a mile
Then had another talk
They grew tired of talking
They grew tired of walking
Then to make things lively, for a change they took a walk
That morning when he left her at the door
She whisper'd, "If you'd like to walk some more

Yankee Love

["Words and music by E. Ray Goetz and Irving Berlin"]

[1st VERSE:]
Girlie, cuddle near me
Girlie, won't you hear me?
I've been feeling blue
Ring the final curtain
For I'm more than certain
I'm in love with you
Like my Yankee Father
Girlie, I would rather die than prove untrue
Fearless, undenying, Yankee never dying
Love I bear for you

Red, White and Blue, love
Real all for you, love
All through and through, love
Real Yankee Doodle Doo, love
Honest and true love
I bring to you, love
Old Kentucky, Alabama
Mississippi, Lou'siana
Yankee love

[2nd VERSE:]
Girlie, flags are waving
My poor heart's behaving 
Like a house on fire
Church-bells gayly ringing
Mean I'll soon be bringing
Home my heart's desire
Thoughts of care or sorrow
Will be dead tomorrow when you wear my ring
Ere the morn arouses
From the tops of houses
To the world I'll sing

How Do You Do It, Mabel, on Twenty Dollars a Week?

[1st VERSE:]
Mabel Brown came to town
All dress'd up in her gingham gown
And a ribbon in her hair
In her eyes a vacant stare
Joined a show, wrote her beau
Mabel wanted to let him know
She was earning, so to speak
Twenty dollars a week
Her beau came down to New York town
To see his Mabel dear
The minute that he saw her flat
He whispered in her ear

How do you do it, Mabel, on twenty dollars a week?
Tell us how you are able on twenty dollars a week
A fancy flat and a diamond bar
Twenty hats and a motor car
Go right to it but how do you do it
On twenty dollars a week?

[2nd VERSE:]
Mabel's beau couldn't go
Hung around for a week or so
Till he'd written on a pad
All the things that Mabel had
When he'd spent ev'ry cent
Right to Mabel he quickly went
For a small financial loan
Then he started for home
Each girl he met down home, you bet
He told them all he saw
Next day a mob were on the job
At Mabel's flat to roar

[2nd REFRAIN:]
How do you do it, Mabel, on twenty dollars a week?
Tell us how you are able on twenty dollars a week
We'd like to work in the chorus too
Earn our twenty the same as you
If we knew it, we'd willingly do it
On twenty dollars a week