Dance and Grow Thin

[Words by Irving Berlin, Music by George W. Meyer]

[1st VERSE:]
Some folks who are stout
Worry, there's no doubt
Doctors come and shout:
"Cut your eating out"
I just have to grin
At that double chin
Really, it's a sin
They could all be thin

It's very simple if you care to try it
A million people are reducing by it
You needn't bother 'bout a silly diet
Try a One-Step or a Fox-Trot
Go right ahead and eat a great big luncheon
I guarantee that you will soon have one chin
Instead of two or three
Just take a tip from me
Dance and grow thin

[2nd VERSE:]
Throw your diet book
In the nearest brook
Chase that weary look
Fox-trot with your cook
Starving is abuse
There is no excuse
You can all reduce
Your... well, what's the use?

For Your Country and My Country

[1st VERSE:]
We know you love your land of liberty
We know you love your U.S.A.
But if you want the world to know it
Now's the time to show it
Your Uncle Sammy needs you one and all
Answer to his call

For your country and my country
With millions of real fighting men

It's your duty and my duty
To speak with the sword, not a pen

If Washington were living today
With sword in hand he'd stand up and say

For your country and my country
I'll do it all over again

[2nd VERSE:]
America has opened up her heart 
To ev'ry nationality
And now she asks of ev'ry nation
Their appreciation
It makes no diff'rence now from where you came
We are all the same

From Here to Shanghai

[1st VERSE:]
I've often wandered down
To dreamy Chinatown
The home of Ching-a-ling
It's fine! I must declare
But now I'm going where
I can see the real, real thing

I'll soon be there
In a bamboo chair
For I've got my fare
From here to Shanghai

Just picture me
Sipping Oo-long tea
Served by a Chinaman
Who speaks a-way up high
("Hock-a-my, Hock-a-my")

I'll eat the way they do
With a pair of wooden sticks
And I'll have Ching Ling Foo
Doing all his magic tricks

I'll get my mail
From a pale pig-tail
For I mean to sail
From here to Shanghai

[2nd VERSE:]
I'll have them teaching me
To speak their language, gee!
When I can talk Chinese
I'll come home on the run
Then have a barr'll of fun
Calling people what I please

How Can I Forget (When There's So Much to Remember)?

[1st VERSE:]
When the morn bids me rise
And I open my eyes
I begin with a sweet thought of you
Then the rest of the day
While at work or at play
I'm thinking, just thinking of you

How can I forget
When there's so much to remember?

Your smiling face, your fond embrace
Your voice so sweet and tender

After all these years
I'm afraid I love you yet

When there's so much to remember
How can I forget?  How can I forget?

[2nd VERSE:]
Through the heart-breaking years
I have smiled through my tears
To have met you is well worth the pain
Though we've drifted apart
You'll remain in my heart
As long as my heart will remain

If I Had My Way, I'd Live Among the Gypsies

If I had my way, I'd live among the gypsies
If I had my way, that's where I'd love to stay

They'd call me "nobody's child"
I'd hear the call of the wild
I'd love to stop at farms and stretch my arms
And breathe the new-mown hay

If I had my way, I'd travel with the gypsies
Where they laugh and play and ev'rything's okay

I'd love to give my face a coat of tan
Trav'lin' thru the country in a caravan all day
If I had my way

I'll Take You Back to Italy

[1st VERSE:]
[Tony:] I lik-a you, Marie
[Marie:] I lik-a you, Tony
[Tony:] We gonna mak-a marriage soon
[Marie:] Mak-a da nice-a honeymoon
[Tony:] After I marry you
[Marie:] What are you gonna do?

[1st REFRAIN:]
I'll tak-a you back with me
Back to sunny Italy
That's where I would like to be
In the old country
[Tony:] Across the sea

[Marie:] No more you make the organ grind
[Tony:] I leave the org' behind
[Marie:] I'll cook spaghetti
[Tony:] That's very good, Eddie
[Marie:] The nice Italian kind

[Tony:] We'll raise-a da family
[Marie:] They will look like you and me
[Tony:] How many we have, Marie?
[Marie:] One, two or three
[Tony:] Plenty enough for me

What will we do with the monk'? They'll never let him pass
[Tony:] We'll give the monk to Missus Vernon Cas'
[Both:] And sail back to sunny Italy

[2nd VERSE:]
[Tony:] We'll have a little wop
[Marie:] Someone to call you "pop"
[Tony:] He'll look-a like his daddy did
[Marie:] Gee! but he'll be a homely kid
[Tony:] We'll call-a him Tony
[Marie:] Maybe he'll be a she!

[alternate lines in 2nd REFRAIN:]
[Tony:] We'll tell-a da family
[Marie:] They must never cross the sea
[Tony:] The money in this country
[Marie:] Is not so free
[Tony:] As it's supposed to be

We'll say the barber shop business, it never pays
[Tony:] Ev'ryone here, they use the safety raz'
[Both:] So we came to sunny Italy

Let's All Be Americans Now

["By Irving Berlin, Edgar Leslie & Geo. W. Meyer"]

[1st VERSE:]
Peace has always been our pray'r
Now there's trouble in the air
War is talked of ev'rywhere
Still in God we trust
We're not looking for any kind of war
But if fight we must

It's up to you!
What will you do?

England or France may have your sympathy
Or Germany
But you'll agree

Now is the time
To fall in line

You swore that you would so be true to your vow

Let's all be Americans now

[2nd VERSE:]
Lincoln, Grant and Washington
They were peaceful men each one
Still they took the sword and gun 
When real trouble came
And I feel somehow, they are wond'ring now
If we'll do the same

Mr. Jazz Himself

[1st VERSE:]
I know a certain young fellow 
Who's filling people with joy
How would you like to say "hello"
To this remarkable boy?
Ev'ryone's talking about him
He's been the topic for days
He's just a winsome gent 
With an instrument that plays
I'd like to have you meet him

Shake hands with Mister Jazz himself
He took the saxophone from off the shelf
And when you hear him play
You'll say that he's been taking lessons up in Heaven
That dreamy moan is his own 'riginality
He knows a strange sort of change in a minor key
I don't know how he does it
But when he starts to play the blues
He's like a messenger of happy news
No one else could ever do it as
My friend, Mister Jazz

[2nd VERSE:]
I never cared about discords
They never cared about me
But when I listen to his chords
We both agree to agree
He's not a Wagner or Verdi
He's not a classy highbrow
He's just a boy who has 
Put the joy in jazz and now
I'd like to have you meet him

My Sweetie

[1st VERSE:]
I never felt so happy before
A little rascal knocked at my door
It's Cupid that I'm speaking of
I'm in love
So in love
I must confess that right from the start
I went and lost my heart

Wait till you see me with my sweetie
Showing her off to the crowd
Looking so dreamy at my sweetie
Feeling so terribly proud
She makes a specialty 
Of looking good to me
She ought to be right in Tiffany's window
She's a jewel, I know that you'll agree
Wait till I'm married to my sweetie
How happy I'll be
I've got the bungalow paid for
I've had it 'specially made for
My sweetie
Sweetie, eetie, eetie
My sweetie and me

[2nd VERSE:]
You've seen an exhibition where they
Charge you a large admission to stay
I mean the paintings that they show
Fine, I know
But don't go
I've got a picture and it's a treat
You needn't buy a seat

Poor Little Rich Girl's Dog

[1st VERSE:]
Ev'ry time I see you sitting in your lady's lap
My heart fills up with sympathy for you
I am pretty sure that you would be a far more happy chap
If you could do what other doggies do
They say it's blissful to be dumb and if that's really so
I'm mighty glad that ignorance is bliss
It's better that they meant you to be dumb because I know
'Twould break your heart if you knew what you miss

[1st REFRAIN:]
You've never had a horseshoe or a can tied to your tail
You never yet have stuck your nose into a garbage pail
You're not allowed to chase the cat around the place
Or come home in the evening with a lovely dirty face
While all the other human dogs go 'round without a care
A-hunting for their breakfast and their dinner here and there
They feed you indigestion from a Plaza bill of fare
Poor little rich girl's dog

[2nd VERSE:]
Ev'ry day an English butler dolls you up in style
And you and Madam motor off to tea
Then you have to sit up straight and look your very grandest while
Your Mistress lies about your pedigree
They pick you out a "soul mate" that they purchase at the store
You're not allowed to choose your future wife
You have to marry someone that you never met before
My God, but you do lead a rotten life

[2nd REFRAIN:]
You've never sunk your teeth into a hobo's trouser patch
They chase the fleas so you can't have a good old-fashioned scratch
You're not allowed to "greet" a dog upon the street
The straight and narrow path for yours, you can't be indiscreet
You don't know what it means to find a great big juicy bone
Your Mistress doesn't think it right to let you out alone
Her husband who wears corsets has to be your chaperone
Poor little rich girl's dog

Road That Leads to Love, The

[1st VERSE:]
Once a boy met a man who was famous
Filled with envy the boy sadly sighed
"Oh, how happy I'd be
If such fame smiled on me"
Then the famous man replied

The road that leads to fortune and fame
Is paved with gold in your dreams

But after you've journeyed and reached your aim
It seldom is all that it seems

To have, to hold, to love and caress
Is all we can ask from above

For the road that leads to happiness
Is the road that leads to love

[2nd VERSE:]
On the highway of love ev'ry milestone
Is an Angel from Heaven above
All the world will be bright
If you turn to the right
To the road that leads to love

Smile and Show Your Dimple

[1st VERSE:]
Little girlie, you look sad
I'm afraid you're feeling bad
Because he's leaving
But stop your grieving, little girl
He don't want you to feel blue
For it's not the thing to do
It will soon be over
Then he'll come marching back to you

Smile and show your dimple
You'll find it's very simple
You can think of something comical
In a very little while
Chase away the wrinkle
Sprinkle just a twinkle
Light your face up
Just brace up and smile

[2nd VERSE:]
Little girlie, don't you know
That your pearly teeth will show
If you start smiling
So keep on smiling, little girl
You can cut your cares in half
If you only try to laugh
Look into my cam'ra
I'm goin' to take your photograph

There Are Two Eyes in Dixie

[1st VERSE:]
When I left the old folks
Down in Dixieland
From that very moment
I could understand
Why they put two I's in Dixie 
When they spell that word
Here's the simple reason
It's the best you've ever heard

There are two I's in Dixie
Two eyes in Dixie
Always watching me

And while I'm straying
By day and night
They keep on saying
"Turn to the right"

Makes no diff'rence where I wander
Or where I happen to be

I simply can't go wrong
Because the whole day long
There are two eyes in Dixie watching me

[2nd VERSE:]
Ev'ry night you'll find me
With a pen in hand
Writing them a letter
Down in Dixieland
I can see two eyes in Dixie
Reading what I write
And I ask their blessing
When I say my pray'rs each night

There's Something Nice About the South

I've been a traveling chap
Traveled all over the map
From London to Jamaica 
Where they make the ginger snap
I've seen America through
Right down to Kalamazoo
And talking 'bout America
Let me say to you

There's something nice about the South
A paradise is 'way down South
It seems that nowadays
They love to sing it's praise
A song of Dixie lingers in ev'ry singer's mouth
There's something sweet about their ways
The girls you meet are oh! so diff'rent
Tennessee, Florida, Alabam'
Fav'rite children of Uncle Sam
There's something nice about the South

Wasn't It Yesterday

Grandma is seventy-four
Grandpa is eighty or more
Through all sorts of weather
Those dear souls grew old together
Oft-times like children at play
I hear grandpa say:

Wasn't it yesterday
When I first met you?
Wasn't it yesterday
When you became my bride?

I drove to town in a hack
And brought the minister back
To your father's rickety shack
Where the knot was tied

It seems but yesterday
And now we're old and gray
When you're in love
How the time does fly!

Whose Little Heart Are You Breaking Now?

[1st VERSE:]
Butterfly, you're like a butterfly, baby vampire
Thro' the year, you're sipping honey here and there
Your love is like a blushing rose
It just comes and goes
Butterfly, you're just a butterfly,
With your string of helpless beaux

Whose little heart are you breaking now, little butterfly?
Who is the one that you're shaking now, little butterfly?

Who keeps on ringing 
Your telephone, one-two-three-four?
Who keeps on singing 
"What do you want to make those eyes at me for?"

Who sends you candy and flowers now, little butterfly?
Spending above what his folks allow

I wonder whose feelings you're hurting
When he catches you flirting
Whose little heart are you breaking now?

[2nd VERSE:]
Seems to me, you're like a bumblebee, baby vampire
Buzzing 'round, but never settling down, that's you!
Why don't you give up stinging hearts?
Don't you know it smarts?
Taking them and simply breaking them
In a thousand diff'rent parts?