Blue Devils of France, The

I've seen many diff'rent pictures
Of the devil down below
And he doesn't stand a show
With a certain devil I know
Let me introduce you to him
You'll be happy when I do
He's a devil dressed in blue
And a soldier through and through

High up in the Alpine Mountains 
Are the Blue Devils
Where the rain of shrapnel fountains
Scar the Blue Devils

With their glistening sabers
Amid the shot and shell
They visit their Austrian neighbors
And give them H-E-double-L

Strong and active, most attractive 
Are the Blue Devils
They came here the Liberty Loan to advance

We entertained them with the best
And now they've gone back to the trenches to rest
Those Devils, the Blue Devils of France

Circus is Coming to Town, The

[1st VERSE:]
Honey, did you see that bill
Pasted there on yonder hill?
Kindly pay attention
To what the letters mention
'Twill give you a wonderful thrill
Chase away those weary blues
Ain't you heard the happy news?

'Circus is coming to town
'Circus is coming to town
Two dozen acrobats from o'er the foam
And Salome
Come see the comical clown
Turning himself upside-down
Come and purchase a photograph 
Of the freaks and the big giraffe
Open your dining room and start to laugh
The circus is coming to town

[2nd VERSE:]
Come and see the big parade
Jazzy music will be played
Just before we're seated
I'll see that you are treated 
To peanuts and red lemonade
Barnum had the right idea
Come and give him one big cheer

Come Along to Toy Town

We have heard the wise men say
Each working day
Should have an hour of play
So if you'll come with me I'll show the way
Where all the playthings are
It's not so very far

Come along to toy town
Let me take you there
It's a wondrous joy town
Free from ev'ry care

Come join the curly heads
That glisten with gold
There's room for silver threads
No matter how old

When you see the playthings
You will dance and sing
Come and hear them say things
When you pull the string

'Twill take you back to the shack
Where you played upon the floor
Come to toy town
And be a kiddy once more

[2nd VERSE:]
If your hair is tinged with gray
A toy each day
Will keep the gray away
We really never grow too old to play
The land of harmless toys
Makes old folks girls and boys

Devil Has Bought Up All the Coal, The

[1st VERSE:]
Ev'ryone's hollering "Me oh my
We're in a terrible hole"
Ev'ryone's hollering "Tell us why
There is a shortage of coal"
I've got the whole thing figured out
Really it isn't so bad
I know the cause without a doubt
Why there's no coal to be had

[1st REFRAIN:]
The devil has bought up all the coal
He's going to save it I swear
Until the Kaiser gets there
He needs to make it warm for Mister William
The devil has spent his little roll
For all the coal from ev'rywhere
He's piling it up by the ton
And, oh, what he'll do to that Hun
There'll be a hot time in Hades
When the Kaiser gets there

[2nd VERSE:]
Satan is freezing 'way down below
He feels a terrible chill
Still he won't use up his coal, oh no
Satan is waiting for Bill
If he can stand it then why can't we?
Tell all the grumblers to pause
Although we freeze, let's shout with glee
"It's for a wonderful cause"

[2nd REFRAIN:]
The devil has bought up all the coal
He's going to save it I swear
Until the Kaiser gets there
He needs to make it warm for Mister William
I'd give Mister Rockefeller's roll
To see the Kaiser I declare
And whisper in his little ear
You don't know the half of it, dear
There'll be a hot time in Hades
When the Kaiser gets there

Down Where the Jack O' Lanterns Grow

I really think that Broadway 
Is just a false alarm
It's just a great big fraud-way 
Compared to a farm
A lot of folks may like it
But I could not agree
It may be good enough for them
But not for me

I'm gonna stay right here where the Jack O'Lanterns grow
I'm gonna wake each morn when the rooster starts to crow

Then when I'm through milking the cow
I'll be out working the plow
While the birds
Sing a little "Hello"

I'm gonna settle down with a certain gal I know
Until the day comes 'round when I must really go

Then should the Angels whisper "What have you been?"
I'll say "I've been a Reuben
Down where the Jack O'Lanterns grow"

[2nd VERSE:]
I stop my work at sundown
And if I want to roar
I comb my hair and run down
To Si's groc'ry store
I hear the latest songs there
I've got them all down pat
I know "Poor Butterfly" by heart
Just think of that!

Goodbye France

[1st VERSE:]
I can picture the boys "over there"
Making plenty of noise "over there"
And if I'm not wrong
It won't be long
Ere a certain song will fill the air
It's all very clear
The time's drawing near
When they'll be marching down to the pier, singing:

Goodbye France
We'd love to linger longer but we must go home
Folks are waiting to welcome us across the foam
We were glad to stand side by side with you
Mighty proud to have died with you
So goodbye France
You'll never be forgotten by the U.S.A.

[2nd VERSE:]
They are waiting for one happy day
When the word comes to start on their way
With a tear-dimmed eye
They'll say goodbye
But their hearts will cry, Hip-hip hooray
The friends that they made
Will wish that they stayed
As they start on their homeward parade, singing:

I Have Just One Heart For Just One Boy

[1st VERSE:]
We've been busy running after you
Hoping that you'll part
With a corner of your heart

That is something I will never do
I could not divide my heart and give it to a few

I have just one heart
It's for just one boy

I mean to keep it until someday
When he comes along then I'll give it away

It is plain to see
I'm not fancy free

I have just one heart for one little boy
Who has one little heart for me

[2nd VERSE:]
Till you meet him, have a little fun
Just a little kiss
He will never, never miss

All my kisses, ev'ry single one
I am nursing, no rehearsing, tho' it's being done

I'm Gonna Pin My Medal on the Girl I Left Behind

[1st VERSE:]
"Over there" in France
In a big advance
Little Johnny stood the test
Johnny held his ground
Now he struts around
With a medal on his chest
There's a happy look in his eyes
And ev'ry now and then he cries:

I'm gonna pin my medal on the girl I left behind
She deserves it more than I
For the way she said "goodbye"

You should have seen her try to keep away the tears that blind
A braver hero
Would be hard to find

She puts a smile in ev'ry letter she signs
But I can read what's in her heart between the lines

And when I get back
Yes, when I get back
I'm gonna pin my medal on the girl I left behind

[2nd VERSE:]
When the boys come home
From across the foam
To the girls they love the best
There'll be more than one
Little Yankee son
With a medal on his chest
When the drive is over this Spring
A lot of soldier boys will sing:

It's the Little Bit of Irish

When Irish meets Irish
They will seldom disagree
There's a perfect understanding
Like a chord of harmony
They talk the same 
And they walk the same
They think the same, they do
That's just why you fancy me
And I fancy you

Why do you love what I do?
It's the little bit of Irish
That's in your heart

When McCormack sings
Why do you shout with joy?
If a band should start
Playing an Irish rhythm
You'd go with 'em

Why do you speak as I do
With a little bit of brogue
From which you'll never part?

When you see a three leaf clover
Why do you smile all over?
It's the little bit of Irish in your heart

[2nd VERSE:]
When Irish meets Irish
Should they ever start a fight
They will leave it to a German
To decide which one is right
Lord help the Hun
The unlucky one
Who's picked out to decide
Hist'ry tells us that's just how
A thousand Huns died

I Wouldn't Give "That" For the Man Who Couldn't Dance

The Tom, Dick or Harry that I ever marry
Will have to be a dancer
Before he gets my answer
I'm not much at dancing but as for romancing
I know a thing or two
[She:] But that would never do
[He:] Why wouldn't it?

I wouldn't give "that" for the man who couldn't dance
If only a little bit
He'd have to take a chance

For when the band starts playing a lively air
That's when he'll have to be there
With a light fantastic, very elastic

I wouldn't waste one little tiny little glance
No matter how very much
He spoke about romance

He may be handsome, wealthy
Full of personality
I wouldn't give "that" for the man
Who couldn't dance with me

Over the Sea, Boys

[1st VERSE:]
In uniform, we represent 
The navy of our President
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 
We try to be as Dewey was
The fearless man we knew he was
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 
With watchful eye we take our post
To guard our Uncle Sammy's coast
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 
We'll fill our guns with navy beans 
And shoot the German submarines
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 

Over the sea, boys
We're assigned
With the land we love ever in mind
Over the ocean, full of devotion
For the girls we left behind

[2nd verse:]
We're each a son of Washington
And each a man behind a gun
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 
The fun'ral march is all rehearsed
If we should see the Kaiser first
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 
We don't get much for what we do
But what we do means much to you
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 
We have to leave our wives behind
For fighting of a different kind
Yo-Ho!  Yo-Ho! 

Polly, Pretty Polly (Polly with a Past)

["Words by George M. Cohan and Music by Irving Berlin"]

Poor old New York has been captured at last
Broadway is up in the air
We lost our hearts to a girl with a past
Dear little sweet Polly Claire
You'll hear them sing ev'rywhere

Polly, pretty Polly
She's a jolly little dame

Polly's created some talk
Polly's the talk of New York

Polly, pretty Polly
Fun and folly is her aim

A future at last for a girl with a past
Pretty Polly is her name

[2nd VERSE:]
David Belasco's to blame for it all
He brought the girl into sight
Even invited New Yorkers to call
Polly's at home ev'ry night
Now we all sing with delight

They Were All Out of Step But Jim

[1st VERSE:]
Jimmy's mother went to see her son
Marching along on parade
In his uniform and with his gun
What a lovely picture he made
She came home that ev'ning
Filled up with delight
And to all the neighbors
She would yell with all her might

Did you see my little Jimmy marching
With the soldiers up the avenue?
There was Jimmy just as stiff as starch
Like his Daddy on the seventeenth of March
Did you notice all the lovely ladies
Casting their eyes on him?
Away he went
To live in a tent
Over in France with his regiment
Were you there, and tell me, did you notice?
They were all out of step but Jim

[2nd VERSE:]
That night little Jimmy's father stood
Buying the drinks for the crowd
You could tell that he was feeling good
He was talking terribly loud
Twenty times he treated
My! but he was dry
When his glass was empty
He would treat again and cry

[alternate lines in 2nd REFRAIN:]
It made me glad
To gaze at the lad
Lord help the Kaiser if he's like his Dad

When the Curtain Falls (First Act - Second Act - Third Act)

[1st VERSE:]
[She:] I have a cute idea for a play
[He:] Tell me about it, do
[She:] It's just a story of ev'ryday
[He:] Nothing today is new
[She:] There isn't much to my little plot
[He:] I'm sure it's more than you say
[She:] Maybe you will not like it a lot
[He:] Tell me about your play

In the first act
A girl and boy appear
In the second act
Their fam'lies interfere

A row is started
They're broken-hearted
And soon they're parted
For one long year

In the third act
The lovers meet again
And before they take
Their curtain calls

We see them spending
A happy ending
In the last act
When the curtain falls

[2nd VERSE:]
[She:] What do you think of my little play?
[He:] I think it simply great
[She:] Somebody may produce it someday
[He:] I'll bet you just can't wait
[She:] I wonder what the critics will say
[He:] I'm sure 'twill fill them with joy
[She:] I'd love to be the girl in the play
[He:] I'd love to be the boy