After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It

[1st VERSE:]
Listen to me, honey dear
Something's wrong with you I fear
It's getting harder to please you
Harder and harder each year
I don't want to make you blue
But you need a talking to
Like a lot of people I know
Here's what's wrong with you

After you get what you want, you don't want it
If I gave you the moon, you'd grow tired of it soon

You're like a baby
You want what you want when you want it
But after you are presented 
With what you want, you're discontented

You're always wishing and wanting for something
When you get what you want
You don't want what you get

And tho' I sit upon your knee
You'll grow tired of me
'Cause after you get what you want
You don't want what you wanted at all

[2nd VERSE:]
Don't you say that I'm unkind
Think it over and you'll find
You've got a changeable nature
You're always changing your mind
There's a longing in your eye
That is hard to satisfy
You're unhappy most of the time
Here's the reason why

[alternate line:]
And tho' you sit upon my knee

Beautiful Faces

Lonesome little shopgirl
Sitting home alone
No boy about
To take her out
She is very pretty
But nobody knows
Lonesome little Rose
Hasn't any clothes

Beautiful faces need beautiful clothes
Satins and laces, nice ribbons and bows

An ankle may be a joy
But any boy who gazes
Won't warble its praises
Unless it's covered by attractive hose

Many a shopgirl whom nobody knows
Would be the top girl in musical shows

If she were dressed in the best
From her head right down to her toes
For beautiful faces need beautiful clothes

But! She's Just a Little Bit Crazy

[1st VERSE:]
All the boys are feeling blue
Seems they don't know what to do
One little wonderful girl
Set all their hearts in a whirl
Ever since she came to town
She has turned things upside down
They'd love to speak of romance
But they never get the chance

She's so beautiful Oh! so beautiful
But! She's just the least bit crazy
She's so wonderful Oh! so wonderful
But! She's a nut  She's a nut

She looks like Tiffany's window
When she's got her jewels on
In her limousine
She looks like a queen
But! She's just a little bit gone

All the boys in town
Follow her around
But! She doesn't seem to know it
They have never met
For they never get
An invitation to call

She's got a husband who is eighty years old
He's got a million and a terrible cold
She's just a little bit crazy
About her husband, that's all

[2nd VERSE:]
All the other girls in town
Wear a rather jealous frown
She has upset their affairs
Taken the boys unawares
Still the boys are feeling blue
They are puzzled what to do
Her beauty drives them insane
Still they pursue her in vain

(I'll See You in) C-U-B-A

[1st VERSE:]
Not so far from here
There's a very lively atmosphere
Ev'rybody's going there this year
And there's a reason
The season opened last July
Ever since the U.S.A. went dry
Ev'rybody's going there and I'm going, too
I'm on my way to

Cuba, there's where I'm going
Cuba, there's where I'll stay

Cuba, where wine is flowing
And where dark-eyed Stellas
Light their fellers' Panatellas

Cuba, where all is happy
Cuba, where all is gay

Why don't you plan a
Wonderful trip
To Havana?
Hop on a ship
And I'll see you in C.U.B.A.

[2nd VERSE:]
Take a friend's advice
Drinking in a cellar isn't nice
Anybody who has got the price
Should be a Cuban
Have you been longing for the 'smile'
That you haven't had for quite a while?
If you have, then follow me and I'll show the way
I'm on my way to

[counterpoint REFRAIN:]
Why don't you do your drinking like a Cuban
Instead of hiding in a cellar?
Since Prohibition, tell me, pal, have you been
A very frightened little feller?

Why don't you pour it from the bottle
'Stead of a tiny silver flask?
Drink your Scotch, rum and gin
Where the dries can't get in
The finest bars are there, cigars are there
That only are made in Cuba

I'm not a drinking lady, I never smoked a Panatella
But I'm a she who likes to be where all is gay, okay!

So let us leave our cares and troubles behind 
And tell 'em our new address 
Is where they stay up late and drink till they're blind?
Blind, but nevertheless
They're glad to see you in C.U.B.A.

Why don't you travel with us on a train or a bus
To Miami where we can begin 
To plan a wonderful trip on a plane or a ship
Thatíll take us from Florida to Havana?
See you in C.U.B.A!

[alternate lines:]
Cuba, that's where I'm going
Cuba, that's where I'll stay

And where those dark-eyed Stellas


[1st VERSE:]
Big pale moon
Was shining down on Tennessee
Birds in tune
Sang love's sweet melody
Homesick coon
Was sighing tenderly
And pretty soon
I listened to his plea

Lindy, Lindy, how much longer must I wait?
The "Good Book" says that man must take unto himself a mate
You need somebody who
Will cuddle up close to you
Next winter, Lindy
When the weather is windy
You know that birds and bees and chickens raise a family
And what was meant for them was meant for Lindy and me

[2nd VERSE:]
Big pale moon
Still shining down on Tennessee
Birds in tune
Hum that same melody
Will come eventually
And that same coon
Is urging hopefully

Ziegfeld Follies of 1920


Very many years ago
Mister Edgar Allan Poe
Wrote a little poem I know
Called "Bells"
When I read those clever rhymes
Of the many different chimes
I could almost hear them ringing
Ding dong dinging

Phone bells, sleigh bells
And very merry Christmas day bells

The brazen fire bells that ring with fear
And happy New Year bells that ring out once a year

Cow bells, door bells
For all I know there may be more bells

But the poet tells
That wedding bells
Have the sweetest little ding dong of all

Chinese Firecrackers

Charlie Younge lay smoking on his bunk one night
Something happened, filling Charlie Younge with fright
Someone placed a bunch of firecrackers under his bunk
And touched the stem of each of them
With a piece of lighted punk
Charlie jumped up in the air
Filled with rage he started to swear

"Hop Toy, Ming Foy, Sing Goy, Ung Loy
Suey Pow, Yenshee Gow Main"

That bunch of crackers exploded 
With a bing, bang, boom
And so did Charlie Younge
In his native tongue
With a 

"Hop Toy, Ming Foy, Sing Goy, Ung Loy
Hunka Chinee punk"

Which means 
"Who the 'hell-ee' put those firecrackers under my bunk?"

Come Along Sextette

How do you do?

How do you do?

Do you think the weather's nice enough to do a sextette?

I think so, don't you?

If you think so, I've got to think so too!

What'll we sing?

Any old thing

Is the music very pretty to your little sextette?

It was written especially for us

Let us hear the chorus

Come along, come along, come along
Come along, come along, come along
That's all they ever sing in this kind of a song

Come along, come along, come along
Come along, come along, come along
They never say just where they're going
But they holler, come along, and so
Come along, let's go inside
And we'll take a little ride
You will sit right by my side
Come along let's go

Girls of My Dreams, The

When the shadows fall
And the crickets call
I can hear the voice of dreamland
Calling to me from afar
Where my little dreamgirls are
When the lights are low
Silently I go
To the girls I know in dreamland
Happiness awaits me in the land of dreams
For the girls I love are there

I'd love to meet
The girls of my dreams
They're all so sweet
The girls of my dreams

When I need sympathy
They cheer and comfort me
And I call my little girls
My string of pearls
My precious rosary

When day draws near
The girls of my dreams
All disappear
To heaven it seems

In the morning they are gone
But they're mine till break of dawn
And I love ev'ryone of the girls of my dreams

Leg of Nations

I'd like to form a League of Nations
Without any obligations
Composed of girls, and each a beautiful one
'Twould be a very novel treaty
Represented by a sweetie
From each and ev'ry country under the sun
Don't think I'm asking for your kind applause
But I think a Yankee girl should be its president

Her eyes are a little bit brighter
Her teeth are a little bit whiter

She's just a bit more lively 
Which makes her more attractive
The rest are not as active
At a party or ball

Her smile is a little bit sweeter
Her style is a little bit neater

And from her toes up to her knees
The ankle gazer sees
Got the Leg of Nations
My girl of the U.S.A.

Tell Me, Little Gypsy

Deep down in my heart there's a burning question
Maybe you can answer it, Gyp-sy Maid
Have I searched in vain for that little blue bird?
Tell me how much longer 'twill be delayed
Will my dreams come true? Tell me my fortune, do.

Tell me, little Gypsy
What the future holds for me

Kindly cross my palm with silver
And I'll try and see

Tell me is there some-one
In the days that are to be

There's a girl for ev'ry boy in the world
There must be someone for me


All By Myself

[1st VERSE:]
I'm so unhappy
What'll I do?
I long for somebody who
Will sympathize with me
I'm growing so tired of living alone
I lie awake all night and cry
Nobody loves me, that's why

All by myself in the morning
All by myself in the night

I sit alone in a cosy Morris chair
So unhappy there
Playing solitaire

All by myself I get lonely
Watching the clock on the shelf

I'd love to rest my weary head on somebody's shoulder
I hate to grow older
All by myself

[2nd VERSE:]
My name and number 
Are in the book
The one that hangs on a hook
In almost ev'ry drug store
Why don't someone bother to look?
My central tells me all day long
"Sorry, the number is wrong"

[revised line:]
I sit alone with a table and a chair

Drowsy Head

["By Irving Berlin and Vaughn De Leath"]

[1st VERSE:]
Shadows fall on nursery wall
It is the end of the day
Mammy comes and softly hums
To her child at play

Drowsy head
Drowsy head
Close your eyes and go to bed

Go put your toys away
You've played enough today
Shadows are falling
Sandman is calling

Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Pray the Lord your soul to keep

Hush a-bye, my baby
Don't you dare to peep
Mammy's little drowsy head

[2nd VERSE:]
Shadows fall on nursery wall
Daylight is passing by
Baby calls to her dolls
That same lullaby

Home Again Blues

[By Irving Berlin and Harry Akst]

[1st VERSE:]
I've been known to be a rolling stone for many years
Now alone, I sit around and moan when night appears
Thoughts of my home fill me with regrettable tears
Ev'ry year Oh! how I long to hear a bit of news
Friends appear to offer words of cheer but I refuse
Pack up my trunk 'cause I've got those home again blues
I'm going

Home, knock at the door
Home, just like before
Roam, never no more
No place like 
Oh! what a song
Home, where I belong
Oh! I've got those home again blues

[2nd VERSE:]
I can't wait until I reach that gate and home I see
Sure as fate I know they're gonna wait to welcome me
I want to state that that's the end of my mis'ry
If I knew I'd ever feel so blue I'd never roam
But it's true we learn a thing or two away from home
I'm telling you I've ceased to be a rolling stone
I'm going

When I left home I didn't have a cent
I wasn't broke but I was badly bent
I didn't have a single dime to count
And now I'm going home with the same amount

My letters read that daddy's doing fine
And that my brother's working overtime
With all that money rolling in the shack
Ain't nobody living can hold me back

Feet, just you hear my pray'r
Don't you weaken till you do your share
I've gotta heartache
I wanna partake
Of all the joys that's waiting there
I'm going

I Like It

[1st VERSE:]
Mary Green, seventeen
Mother's only child
Mother's cross just because
Mary's running wild
Sits and spoons afternoons
With the boy next door
Mother cries "You mustn't do it"
And Mary starts to roar

I'm gonna do it if I like it -- and I like it
I'll let him hold me tho' you scold me when I'm through

I hate to make Mother and Dad so terribly mad
But there are times when it's good to be bad

I'm gonna hold hands if I like it -- and I like it
A little squeezing is so pleasing when you're blue

And since the boy next door first realized
I'd let him kiss me, well, you'd be surprised
I'm gonna do it if I like it
And I do

[2nd VERSE:]
Mary's beau worries so
More and more each day
Mary flirts and it hurts
More than he can say
She enjoys vamping boys
With her roguish eyes
When her beau says, "Please, don't do it"
She looks at him and cries

Passion Flower, The

Once a human rose was born
But she grew to be a thorn
Piercing hearts of loving men
One will never love again

He who died won't feel the loss
She must live and bear the cross
Fortune holds a tearful hour
For him who'd love the passion flower

Passion flower, the fates have spoken
You alone must pay the cost
Passion flower, your heart is broken
Aching for the one you loved and lost

But Angel hands are ever mending
Broken hearts within their power
Heaven holds a happy ending
For a lonely passion flower

Music Box Revue of 1921

At the Court Around the Corner

What a beautiful morning 
What a wonderful day
We can hear the birds singing
As we go on our way
Like a couple of children
We're so happy and gay
For we've been married two years now
And we're gonna be divorced today

The Judge is waiting
At the court around the corner
For the wife and me
With the final decree

You'll see a happy groom and bride
Standing side by side
Receiving congratulations
When the knot is untied

A foxy lawyer
At the court around the corner
Will collect his fee
The minute we're free

We'll be divorced and then
We'll soon be married again
At the court around the corner
The little wife and me

Behind the Fan

Be careful of the Senorita
Who knows the value of a fan
That's how a beautiful Chiquita
Becomes acquainted with a man
I've seen them flirting with a stranger
And when the game of love began
He didn't realize the danger
Behind her fan

Eyes of brown are peeping at you
From behind the fan

No one knows just what they can do
To the heart of a man

There behind a shelter of lace
Lies a hidden plan

You may find a heavenly face
With the heart of a devil behind the fan

Everybody Step

Soon you'll hear a tune
That's gonna lift you out of your seat
It could be sweeter but then the meter
Was written especi'lly for your feet
Fly away up high 
Upon a syncopated balloon
A little ginger will never injure
Hear them tuning up, they'll be playing soon

Ev'rybody step to the syncopated rhythm
Let's be goin' with 'em when they begin
You'll be sayin' Yes Sir the band is grand
He's the best professor in all the land

Listen to the pep that emerges from the middle
Of the jazzy fiddle under his chin
Oh, what music
The clarineter could not be better

Hear that strain
I don't know just what it is but it's great
They simply ruin it
Look at 'em doin' it
Come, come don't hesitate

Ev'rybody step if you want to see a glutton
When it comes to struttin' over the ground
Wait'll you see my little sweetie and me
Step, step, stepping around

In a Cozy Kitchenette Apartment

I'm getting tired of eating in restaurants
They don't appeal to me
If we could own a cute apartment
I'd know just what a joyful heart meant
I hate to think of waiters and bill-of-fares
When evening time draws near
Three little rooms will be just like heaven
When we are married dear
In a

Cozy kitchenette apartment for two
I'll be setting the table
While you're cooking a stew
For me and you

I'll be there to help you put the dishes away
Then together we'll listen to the phonograph play
The tuneful Humoresque

And oh, what bliss
When it's time to kiss
In a cozy kitchenette apartment for two

Legend of the Pearls

"Pearls mean tears" is a saying old
Years ago it was found I'm told
In a legend I'll disclose
Here's how the story goes
Once a maid on her wedding day
Lost her love who had sailed away
His ship returning home
Disappeared in the angry foam
Beside the sea she sat and cried
A most unhappy girl
And ev'ry tear that fell below
Became a precious pearl

Strings of teardrops
That you and I call pearls

Fell from the eyes of a beautiful bride
Who sat and cried by the seaside
And when a 

Crown of silver 
Replaced her golden curls

She had spent all her years shedding sad little tears
Just to make your string of pearls

My Little Book of Poetry

Some folks who don't know what to do with their evenings
Up till dawn with their dress clothes on they will roam
Dancing 'round in a Cabaret
Homeward bound at the break of day
I have found that it doesn't pay
So I'd rather stay at home

With my little book of poetry
Let me while the hours away 

Reading the poets of olden times
Meeting the girls they dressed up in rhymes

I will never ask for company
When the skies of blue turn to gray

Mister Kipling and Poe are the best friends I know
At the end of a weary day

Say It With Music

[1st VERSE:]
Music is a language lovers understand
Melody and romance wander hand in hand
Cupid never fails assisted by a band

So if you have something sweet to tell her

Say it with music
Beautiful music

Somehow they'd rather be kissed
To the strains of Chopin or Liszt

A melody mellow
Played on a cello

Helps mister Cupid along
So say it with a beautiful song

[2nd VERSE:]
There's a tender message deep down in my heart
Something you should know, but how am I to start?
Sentimental speeches never could impart
Just exactly what I want to tell you

They Call It Dancing

Years ago when I was just a wee little thing
A man never squeezed a girl till she got the ring
They were both engaged before the boy took a chance
But now all he has to do is ask her to dance

[1st REFRAIN:]
They call it dancing, you see them cuddled up tight
They're only dancing so ev'rything is all right

Until the midnight cabaret closes
You can see he and she rubbing noses

She calls him "Mister" They're only friends it appears
And then he'll twist her like they've been married for years

A man can squeeze all the she's
With his arms and his knees
And they call it dancing, that's all

[2nd REFRAIN:]
They call it dancing, you see them cuddled up tight
They're only dancing so ev'rything is all right

Until the midnight cabaret closes
You can see he and she rubbing noses

If it's a ballroom she doesn't mind his embrace
But in a hallroom she'd slap him right in the face

A man can grab someone's wife
Have the time of his life
And they call it dancing, that's all