[1st VERSE:]
I feel very blue, yes I do, can't you tell
Worry quite a lot 'cause I'm not feeling well
Friends have come to me, saying "We can see
You need company" but I'm not lonely 
I'm only

Homesick, I know just what's the matter
I'm homesick, that's all

I see that cozy little shack and the little red school
Daddy on the back of a funny old mule
"God Bless our Home" on the wall

The fields of clover
They seem to say 
"Why don't you come over
Pay us a call"

I miss the cows and the chickens and the apple tree shady
And there's that little old lady
Do you wonder why I'm homesick

[2nd VERSE:]
My poor heart will stop when I hop off the train
Such a happy soul when I stroll down the lane
I can't wait till then to be there again
In the twilight when the sun is setting
I'm getting

Some Sunny Day

[1st VERSE:]
My heart goes pitter patter, no one knows what's the matter
Just received a telegram from Alabam' my home
That's why I'm gonna worry 'til the time when I hurry
Right back to that cabin door, never more to roam

Some sunny day with a smile on my face
I'll go back to that place far away

Back to that shack and that red-headed hen
She'll say, "How have you be'n?"
Then go back to the hay and lay me my breakfast

Some sunny day I'll be on that express
Flying away to my little bunch of happiness

Oh, how I pine for those lips sweet as wine
They'll be pressed close to mine some sunny day

[2nd VERSE:]
Sunny Spring is the season when birds sing, there's a reason
Rolling stones who hear their song begin to long for home
Lohengrin, Mister Verdi don't begin with a birdie
Telling you to go back home, never more to roam

Music Box Revue of 1922

Bring on the Pepper

Snappy music is the only music that was ever meant for me
A little spice is very nice in ev'ry melody 
Let me mingle with a peppy jingle 
That the jazz bands love to play
I'm a swifty
Very nifty
That's why I say

Bring on the pepper
We need a lot of pepper
You've got to be a stepper with a barrel of speed
Make it good and snappy if you want to get by
Make 'em think you're happy though you're ready to die

When you begin it
Put lots of ginger in it
About a mile a minute is the tempo we need
Slow folks are no folks
To trouble with, no, indeed!

Lots of pep will make an undertaker
Rock with joy and laughter
If you can sprinkle a cute little twinkle
You'll find that's the wrinkle we're after

Just keep a-goin'
And don't forget to throw in
A bit of Georgie Cohan that we know
Lots of tobasco
That's all we ask so
Bring on the pepper, let's go

Crinoline Days

Back to the olden
Days that were golden
Memory often strays
Before anyone could gaze 
At Molly's and May's 
Little ankle displays
Time with its changes
Often arranges
Styles that become the craze
But I am yearning
To be returning
Back to those crinoline days

In those dear old crinoline days
Old fashioned people with their old fashioned ways

When the girl a fellow courted
Was the girl he married and supported

Back in eighteen seventy-four
Rosy complexions weren't bought in a store

Granny and grand-daddy longingly gaze
Back to those crinoline days

Diamond Horse-Shoe

Metropolitan nights bring me memories dear
Voices clear keep ringing in my ear
Metropolitan girls with their sweet musical themes
Haunt my dreams and ev'ry night it seems

I see a horseshoe set with diamonds
A diamond horseshoe set with girls

And ev'ry lovely maiden I see
Is calling to me with a sweet melody

I hear them saying it with music
Until each tragic tale unfurls

And my heart is laden with love for each maiden
In my diamond horseshoe of girls

I'm Looking for a Daddy Long Legs

I'm so worried, oh, so worried
I can't sleep a wink at night
I've lost my appetite
And it's all on account of my height
I'm a Yankee, long and lanky
And that's where the trouble lies
For a little lovin' my heart cries
But I can't find a man my size

I'm looking for a daddy long legs 
Who's gonna measure up to me
A little fellow has the wrong legs 
To have me sitting on his knee

I had a sweetheart short and thin
And when the spooning would begin
He was there standing on a chair
But he'd only get as far as my chin

I want a daddy who can teach me
The kind of love I can't resist
I want a daddy who can reach me
When I get ready to be kissed

I want a nice young man to woo me
But I don't want a man that has to climb up to me
It's gonna take a daddy long legs
To love a long-legged lady like me

Lady of the Evening

[1st VERSE:]
After the gray of a long dreary day comes the evening
Peaceful and calm as a sheltering palm is the evening
Daytime has gone to rest, there in the golden west
Soon little stars will appear in the sky
Seeming to say, "We are here, hush-a-bye"

Evening, lady of the evening
I can hear you calling me

Calling, while the shades are falling
Falling over land and sea

You can make the cares and troubles
That followed me through the day
Fold their tents just like the Arabs 
And silently steal away

Evening, lady of the evening
I hear you calling me

[2nd VERSE:]
After the sun when its day's work is done comes the evening
Then with the night comes the angels who light up the evening
There in the sky they stand, each with a torch in hand
Then one by one, little stars in the sky
Look down and say, "We are here, hush-a-bye"

Little Red Lacquer Cage, The

Locked in a cage I'm sad as I can be
Singing my song all the day long
It seems I can hear the forest calling me
How I keep longing just to be free

I'd love to leave my little red lacquer cage
And fly away out there where I

Could sing my beautiful song
In the forest where I belong

The little birds that live in a tree
Would love to hear my sweet melody

I hate to sing the song that God gave to me
In a little red lacquer cage

Mont Martre

When all is still in Paris
And evening shadows creep
Upon a hill in Paris
The people never sleep
They bid a royal welcome
To ev'ry restless heart
Champagne bubbles drown their troubles
While they are in Mont Martre

Mont Martre, playground of France
Mont Martre, wrapped in romance

Mont Martre, on with the dance
While the violin plays a song of sin with 

Love dreams luring you on
Till the vision is gone

Young hearts break with the wake of each dawn
How tragic is the magic of Mont Martre

Pack Up Your Sins (and Go to the Devil)

Oh, I got a message from below
'Twas from a man I used to know
About a year or so ago
Before he departed
He is just as happy as can be
I'll tell you what he said to me
He said, "If ever you get heavy-hearted

Pack up your sins and go to the devil in Hades
You'll meet the finest of gentlemen and the finest of ladies
They'd rather be down below than up above
Hades is full of thousands of
Joneses and Browns, O'Hoolihans, Cohens and Bradys
You'll hear a heavenly tune that went to the devil 
Because the jazz bands
They started pickin' it
Then put a trick in it
A jazzy kick in it
They've got a couple of old reformers in Heaven 
Making them go to bed at eleven
Pack up your sins and go to the devil
And you'll never have to go to bed at all

[counterpoint REFRAIN:]
If you care to dwell where the weather is hot
H-E-double-L is a wonderful spot
If you need a rest and you're all out of sorts
Hades is the best of the winter resorts
Paradise doesn't compare
All the nice people are there
They come there from ev'rywhere
Just to revel with Mister Devil
Nothing on his mind but a couple of horns
Satan is waitin' with his jazz band
And his band came from Alabam' with a melody hot
No one gives a damn if it's music or not
Satan's melody makes you want to dance forever
And you never have to go to bed at all

Porcelain Maid

Porc'lain boy is feeling so terribly lonely
Just because he's fallen in love with a maid
Though she's very near him
She don't seem to hear him
When he sings his little sad serenade

Porc'lain Maid, I'm calling to you
From my teakwood stand

Porc'lain Maid, I'm feeling so blue
Please let me hold your hand

How I long to cuddle and coo 
'Neath a bamboo shade

I wanna design a
Home over in China
For my Porc'lain Maid

[2nd REFRAIN:]
Porc'lain Boy, I'm list'ning to you
From my teakwood stand

Porc'lain Boy, if you're feeling blue
Come here and hold my hand

If you long to cuddle and coo 
'Neath a bamboo shade

Why don't you design a
Home over in China
For your Porc'lain Maid