When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In

[1st VERSE:]
My honey, do you remember 'twas a December day
I said that you would repent the day that you went away
You turned as red as a ruby, much too good to be true
You thought I'd sit around lonely thinking of only you
Little you knew that

When you walked out someone else walked right in
Someone with good news
Stepped right in your shoes

Somebody else took your place on my knee
Another sweetie in clover fussin' all over me

I saw that you grew so cold, love
So what could I do?
Off with the old love 
And on with the new

When you walked out
Honey I just had to grin
You left the door wide open and
Somebody else walked in

[2nd VERSE:]
A happy couple were we two while you were sweet to me
But now I'm sending bad news to my little used to be
You thought the minute you'd shake me that it would make me blue
And I would sit around lonely thinking of only you
Little you knew that

Music Box Revue of 1923

Climbing Up the Scales

[1st VERSE:]
Singing is a part of ev'ry creature
Ev'rybody likes to hum a tune
Let me be your little singing teacher
I've prepared your lesson
You can learn it soon

Strike a key and begin with do
Do re mi and the rest you know
One, two, three, come along, let's go
Climbing up the scales

Oh, what fun going up and when 
That's all done you go down and then
Ev'ryone should begin again
Climbing up the scales

A tenor or a soprano
Can try it on a piano

Strike a key and begin with do
Do re mi and the rest you know
One, two, three, come along, let's go
Climbing up the scales

[2nd VERSE:]
In this very ordinary chorus
There's an old effect that never fails
So we'll ask you to do something for us
While we sing the chorus
You go up the scales

Learn to Do the Strut

There's a brand new step
That they call the strut
Listen, my dear, you'll make a dancing "rep"
If you do the strut
Anyone here can do it
There's nothing to it
I know that you have done
Of the diff'rent dances
The waltz and the lanciers

You oughta learn to do the strut
You'd better leave your house or hut
Before the dancing halls are shut
And you will go right off your nut

'Bout that new step
That easy to do step
If you'll be led
I'll show you how it's done
Just throw back your head
And then

You step around just like a hen
To all the girls and dancing men
I wanna say just once again
It isn't hard to do so when

You've begun it
Don't stop till you've done it
A jazzy tune and pretty soon
You're gonna find yourself struttin' around

Little Butterfly

[1st VERSE:]
Butterfly, without a single care
You flit from here to there
Your heart is ev'rywhere
Fluttering about from boy to boy
Filling your heart with joy
Playing with each new toy

Butterfly, little butterfly
Flitting 'round from flow'r to flower

Each time you change your mind
You leave a lonely heart behind

You play your part with a new sweetheart
'Til you have him in your power

And then you flutter away
To leave him crying all day
Come back, little butterfly

[2nd VERSE:]
Butterfly, take warning while you may
Youth only lasts a day
Blossoms and fades away
There will come a morning when you'll cry
Poor little butterfly
You know the reason why

Maid of Mesh

I have seen each and ev'ry queen 
In the fashion shows
I've seen them pose
In lovely clothes
But the best is the maiden dressed
In a costume made of mesh
Dressed in her new creation
She'll cause a big sensation

Maid of mesh
In a gown all made of mesh
All the boys are wild over you

Maid of mesh
In a plat'num setting
You will soon be getting
All the love and petting too

You'll find that Tommy, Harry, Freddy and Paul
Have tripped and slipped and now they're getting ready

Right from the start
Ev'ry fellow lost his heart
To the pretty little maid of mesh all made of mesh

Orange Grove in California, An

I've a longing to go 
Where the oranges grow
I know a cozy nest
'Way out west
And I miss it so
California my own
Oh how lonely I've grown
That's why I'm on the run
To the one
I left there all alone

Arm in arm we will rove
Thro' a sweet orange grove
Far away in California

Like a bird I mean to fly west again
And I'll hold her close to my breast again

When the blossoms unfold
And the green turns to gold
Some fine day in California

You'll see a happy girlie and a happy fellow
'Mid the fields of yellow
In an orange grove

Waltz of Long Ago, The

Jazz dancing nowadays does not appeal to me
I never cared about the jazzy melody
I'd love to dance around a while
But my kind of dance is out of style

I love to dance the dreamy waltz
Of long ago

When grand-mama and grand-papa 
Were girl and beau

I can see them there dancing
Such a happy pair romancing

While gliding o'er
The ballroom floor
To the waltz of long ago