At Peace with the World

The day is done, the setting sun is sinking behind the blue
And on its way it seems to say I'm glad that my work is through
Night is drawing near, stars will soon appear
Buildings are beginning to light up their windows 
And as for me I'm glad to be 
At peace with the world with you

I love to spend the evening 
At peace with the world with you

A cozy room, a comf'table chair
And never a care as long as you're there

The day may have its worries
For skies are not always blue

But when the day has flown, how sweet to be alone
At peace with the world, in the evening with you

[alternate word: "golden" for "setting"]

Because I Love You

Why am I lonely and why am I blue?
And why am I thinking, just thinking of you?
Why should I care if you've broken your vow?
And why do I wonder who's kissing you now?

Because I love you
I've tried so hard but can't forget

Because I love you
You linger in my memory yet

Because I miss you
I often wish we'd never met

And though you left a tear
As a souvenir
It doesn't matter dear
Because I love you

[2nd VERSE:]
Off with the old love and on with the new
Is easy to say but not easy to do
What does it matter how far we're apart
You're out of my life, dear, but still in my heart

How Many Times?

[1st VERSE:]
A fellow with his lady friend walking and talking of love
A moon that has a silvery lining is shining above
The girlie says you certainly do like to coo like a dove
A nervous youth
A jealous miss
Who wants the truth
Is asking this:

[1st REFRAIN:]
How many times have you said, "I love you"?

How many times have you said, "I'll be true"?

How many wonderful sweeties have you told that to?
How many times has a certain feeling
Troubled you so that you "hit the ceiling"?

How many hands have you held all alone?
How many lips have you pressed to your own?

I'd hate to think that you kissed too many
But I'd feel worse if you hadn't kissed any
Please tell me how many times

[2nd VERSE:]
A certain thing has puzzled me greatly, just lately, my dear
Why does a fellow always get stupid when Cupid is near?
Although I was the smartest at college that knowledge, I fear
Could never bring
A Romeo
The only thing
He wants to know

[2nd REFRAIN:]
How many sighs have you sighed in my ear?
How many lies have you whispered, my dear?

How many baby blue eyes have you gazed right into?
How many loving words have you spoken?
How many promises have you broken?

How many times have you left me alone
Told me had business and yet you come home

I know where you were because I saw you
And I got home just a minute before you
Oh, baby, how many times?

I'm on My Way Home

[1st VERSE:]
I was blue and melancholy
And I knew that it was folly
To be feeling so sad
When I ought to be glad
So I sent a little letter
Off it went, I'm feeling better
Got an answer today
Ev'rything is okay

Why is the sun shining brighter?  
I'm on my way home, I'm on my way home

Why is my heart feeling lighter?  
I'm on my way home, I'm on my way home

Why did I buy something nice at the store
Something that she'll adore?
Can't you guess who it's for?

It's for someone with hair growing whiter 
Who's happy because I'm on my way home

[2nd VERSE:]
Not so sweet are things that you chew
When you eat upon a "choo-choo"
They keep opening cans
I've got different plans
When it's time to go to supper
I'll just climb into an upper
Till the morning and then
I'll start eating again

I've been shopping and I'll put you wise
I've got packages of ev'ry size
Here's a half a dozen knitted ties
For my brother and another
Here's a parasol that's very plain
For my pretty little sister Jane
Here's a nifty little walking cane
For my father but I'd rather
Tell you what
But there's one package more
That I bought at the store
Can't you guess who it's for?
It's for someone with hair growing whiter who's happy because
I'm on my way home

Just a Little Longer

[1st VERSE:]
Hold me fast for the time has passed
And we have to say goodbye
In my arms let me hold your charms
While the precious moments fly
How I hate to go, for I love you so
Let me gaze in your eyes and then
Lonely days till we meet again

Just a little longer
Let me hold you close to my heart

And that little longer
I'll remember while we're apart

Just another moment of bliss
And just another wonderful kiss

My love keeps growing stronger
Lingering longer with you

[2nd VERSE:]
Soon I know, I must let you go
From my arms where you belong
Leaving me with a memory 
Of an interrupted song
It will linger on after you have gone
Hold me fast while we kiss and then
It's the last till we meet again

We'll Never Know

[1st VERSE:]
After all these years I can't forget 
The happiness that I once knew
Maybe there's a spark that's burning yet 
And filling me with thoughts of you
Gone is the treasure we found and let go
Was it worth keeping?  We never will know

There might have been a sky of blue for me and you
We'll never know

There might have been a garden, too, where roses grew
We'll never know

We might have built a castle high
For you were young and so was I

But we just kissed and said "Goodbye"
And so 
We'll never know

[2nd VERSE:]
Maybe we had found the thing we sought
And maybe it was worth the cost
Leaving it behind without a thought
What happiness we might have lost
Maybe the rose that we covered with snow
Wanted to blossom, we never will know