Track Title:               You're Easy To Dance With
Album Title:               Steppin' Out

Prime Artist:              Tony Bennett
Producer:                  David Kahne
Written by:                Irving Berlin     (b. Israel Balin)
From the Film:             Holiday Inn  1942 (M)

I could dance nightly
Just holding you tightly
My sweet
I could keep right on
Because you're so light on
Your feet
You're easy to dance with

There is no doubt in
The way we stand out in
The crowd
Though it's called dancing
To me it's romancing
Out loud
You're easy to dance with

Loving you
The way I do
Makes you easy to dance with
That is why I'm always right on the beat
All those charms
In one man's arms
Makes you easy to dance with
I can hardly keep my mind on my feet

Let's dance forever
Come on, say we'll never
Be through
It's so easy to dance with you