God Bless America

While the storm clouds gather far across the sea
Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer

God bless America
Land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with a light from above

From the mountains to the prairies 
To the oceans white with foam

God bless America, my home sweet home
God bless America, my home sweet home

[alternate lines from Kate Smith's 1938 premiere performance, later dropped:]
From the green fields of Virginia
To the gold fields out in Nome


Angels of Mercy

Angels of mercy, there's so much to do
The heavens are gray overhead

Angels of mercy, they're calling to you
So march with your crosses of red

March where the darkness shuts out the light
March where there is no dawn

Angels of mercy, the world's covered with night
But your mercy goes marching on
Angels of mercy thru darkest night
Your mercy goes marching on

Any Bonds Today?

The tall man with the high hat and the whiskers on his chin
Will soon be knocking at your door and you ought to be in
The tall man with the high hat will be coming down your way
Get your savings out when you hear him shout "Any bonds today?"

Any bonds today?
Bonds of freedom 
That's what I'm selling
Any bonds today?
Scrape up the most you can
Here comes the freedom man
Asking you to buy a share of freedom today

Any stamps today?
We'll be blest 
If we all invest 
In the U.S.A.
Here comes the freedom man
Can't make tomorrow's plan
Not unless you buy a share of freedom today

First came the Czechs and then came the Poles
And then the Norwegians with three million souls
Then came the Dutch, the Belgians and France
Then all of the Balkans with hardly a chance
It's all in the Book if only you look
It's there if you read the text
They fell ev'ry one at the point of a gun
America mustn't be next

Any bonds today?
All you give
Will be spent to live
In the Yankee way
Scrape up the most you can
Here comes the freedom man
Asking you to buy a share of freedom today


I Paid My Income Tax Today

I said to my Uncle Sam
Old Man Taxes, here I am
And he
Was glad to see me
Mister Small Fry, yes, indeed
Lower brackets, that's my speed
But he
Was glad to see me

[1st REFRAIN:]
I paid my income tax today
I never felt so proud before
To be right there with the millions more
Who paid their income tax today
I'm squared up with the U.S.A.
See those bombers in the sky?
Rockefeller helped to build 'em, so did I
I paid my income tax today

[2nd REFRAIN:]
I paid my income tax today
A thousand planes to bomb Berlin
They'll all be paid for and I chipped in
That certainly makes me feel okay
Ten thousand more and that ain't hay
We must pay for this war somehow
Uncle Sam was worried but he isn't now
I paid my income tax today

[3rd REFRAIN with coda:]
I paid my income tax today
I never cared what Congress spent
But now I'll watch over ev'ry cent
Examine ev'ry bill they pay
They'll have to let me have my say
I wrote the Treasury to go slow
Careful, Mister Henry Junior, that's my dough
I paid my income tax
Now you've got all the facts
I know you'll pay your taxes too

I Threw a Kiss in the Ocean

You'll say it's a dream, a lovely dream
I say it happened, strange as it may seem

I spoke last night to the ocean
I spoke last night to the sea
And from the ocean a voice came back
'Twas my Blue Jacket answering me

Ship ahoy
Ship ahoy
I can hear you, Sailor Boy

I threw a kiss in the ocean
It floated out on the sea
And from the ocean a kiss came back
'Twas my Blue Jacket answering me

Ship ahoy
Ship ahoy
Ship ahoy, Sailor Boy, ship ahoy

Me and My Melinda

Me and my Melinda, my Melinda and me
We are bound up together in sympathy

Me and my Melinda, we are seldom apart
On the nights when I feel like a heart to heart

When I'm blue
We just sit there holding hands
And when we do 
My Melinda understands

When I'm having trouble that I cannot disclose
When I can't tell the world of my private woes
Long before I tell her, my Melinda knows

This Is The Army (1942)

Opening Chorus (Some Dough for the Army Relief)

[as sung in film:]

You thought that many, many years ago
You saw the last of every soldier show
But here we are, yes, here we are again
A lot of water's gone across the dam
Since we put make-up on for Uncle Sam
To treat you as our fathers treated you then

We were drafted by our President
And we march with banners unfurled
We were drilled and trained to represent
The greatest army in the world
Yes, the greatest army of actors in the world

Now don't get us wrong
We're not here for long
Our stay in the theater is brief
We're here with the show
To help get some dough
Some dough for the Army Relief
The much-needed Army Relief

But beneath the powder and beneath the paint
There's a soldier brave and true
If some guy in Congress tells you that we ain't
Let him do what we had to do
And go through what we went through

This Is the Army, Mister Jones

We all have been selected from city and from farm
They asked us lots of questions, they jabbed us in the arm
We stood there at attention, our faces turning red
The sergeant looked us over and this is what he said:

This is the Army, Mister Jones
No private rooms or telephones
You had your breakfast in bed before
But you won't have it there any more

This is the Army, Mister Green
We like the barracks nice and clean
You had a housemaid to clean your floor
But she won't help you out any more

Do what the buglers command
They're in the Army and not in a band

This is the Army, Mister Brown
You and your baby went to town
She had you worried but this is war
And she won't worry you anymore

[alternate verse from sheet music:]
A bunch of frightened rookies were list'ning filled with awe
They listened while a sergeant was laying down the law
They stood there at attention, their faces turning red
The sergeant looked them over and this is what he said:

I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep

Out on a hike all day, dear
Part of the army grind
Weary and long the way, dear
But really I don't mind

I'm getting tired so I can sleep
I want to sleep so I can dream
I want to dream so I can be with you

I've got your picture by my bed
'Twill soon be placed beneath my head
To keep me company the whole night through

For a little while, whatever befalls
I will see your smile till reveille calls

I hope you're tired enough to sleep
And please sleep long enough to dream
And look for me for I'll be dreaming too

I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen

Old Mister Absent-Minded, that's me
Just as forgetful as I can be
I've got the strangest sort of a mind
I'm always leaving something behind

I left my heart at the Stage Door Canteen
I left it there with a girl named Eileen

I kept her serving doughnuts
Till all she had were gone
I sat there dunking doughnuts
Till she caught on

I must go back to the army routine
And every doughboy knows what that will mean

A soldier boy without a heart
Has two strikes on him from the start
And my heart's at the Stage Door Canteen

Army's Made a Man Out of Me, The

To look at me you wouldn't think
That I was once a skinny gink
That doctors thought I would never last
I thought I had so many ills
And I was always taking pills
But that is all a thing of the past

The Army's made a man out of me
A man out of me, a man out of me

My mother and my father agree 
The Army has made me a man

I used to sleep with brother, but now I sleep alone
I used to be a tenor, but now I'm a baritone

My girl said when she sat on my knee
The Army has made me a man 

Ladies of the Chorus

[as sung in film:]

Ladies of the chorus
That's what we are, it appears
We were inducted and we took a vow
We joined the Army but look at us now
We're ladies of the chorus
Don't we look lovely, my dears
In corsets and dresses
And cute golden tresses
To hide the dirt behind our ears

[LADY 1:]
I was a plumber
I quit work last summer
My number come up at the start

[LADY 2:]
I was a printer
I quit work last winter
They okayed my lungs and my heart

[LADY 3:]
I was a farmer
Potato embalmer
They took me away from the plow

[LADY 4:]
I was a packer
I chewed plug "terbaccer"
I wish I had some of it now

Oh, now we're in the chorus
Dressed up in girdles that squeeze
We're here to romance with
To sing and to dance with
A bunch of nerdy guys like these

GUYS:  Pardon me, but aren't you the country maiden?
GALS:  Pardon me, but aren't you the city chap?
GUYS:  Cuddle closer won't you please
	 I'm about to take a squeeze
GALS:  If you do then I will give your face a slap

GUYS:  I would love to take you home to meet my mother
GALS:  I would like to meet your mother but I can't
GUYS:  She will treat you like a queen
GALS:  But I'm only seventeen
GUYS:  If you are seventeen, then so's my aunt

GALS:  Hi ho!  I want you to behave
GUYS:  Hi ho!  I think you need a shave

GALS:  Do you think that you can get me into pictures?
GUYS:  If you're nice to me I'll get you on the screen
GALS:  How about a movie test?
GUYS:  Not with hair upon your chest
GALS:  And now it's time to dance but keep it clean

That Russian Winter

The German troops heard Hitler shout
"We'll win this war without a doubt"
But they were never told about
That Russian winter

The German troops heard Hitler swear
He huffed and puffed and tore his hair
But somehow Hitler couldn't scare
That Russian winter

There was the German staff
Running from the storm
Poor Hitler's photograph
Couldn't keep them warm

When Hitler cried, "This cannot be!"
Napolean spoke beneath a tree
That Frenchman yelled, "You're telling me!"
That Russian winter

What the Well-Dressed Man in Harlem Will Wear

[as sung in film:]

There's a change in fashion that shows
In those Lenox Avenue clothes
Mister Dude has disappeared with his flashy tie
You'll see in the Harlem Esquire
What the well-dressed man will desire
When he's struttin' down the street with his sweetie-pie

Sun tan, shade of green
Or an olive drab color scheme
That's what the well-dressed man in Harlem will wear

Dressed up in O.D.'s
With a tin hat for overseas
That's what the well-dressed man in Harlem will wear

Top hat, white tie and tails no more
They've been put away till after the war

If you want to know 
Take a look at Brown Bomber Joe
That's what the well-dressed man in Harlem will wear

How About a Cheer for the Navy?

The Army this, the Army that
Is all we heard from where we sat
Now how about a cheer for the Navy?

The Army's great, the Army's tough
But don't you think we've heard enough?
So how about a cheer for the Navy?

We know that Mister Stimson is solid as the rocks
But how about an orchid for Secretary Knox?

The Army may be in the groove
But Walter Winchell won't approve
Unless you give a cheer for the Navy

Hip hip hooray
We haven't got long to stay
So how about one bouquet
For the Navy?

One word of praise, let it flow from your lips
One cheer and then we'll go back to our ships

Hip hip hooray
The Army has had its say
You're letting them get away
With the gravy

Just let them know
That an Army show
Could never be a hit without the Navy

The Army's what you may prefer
But in the social register
Is where you'll have to look for the Navy

If you would like to touch the gilt
Of Astor or of Vanderbilt
You'll have to come around to the Navy
The show was in the alley, it simply wouldn't do
Until the big finale with Navy white and blue

The Army sails across the foam
The Navy always bring them home
So how about a cheer for the Navy?

[CODA as sung in film:]
Give a cheer, give a cheer, give a cheer, give a cheer
For the Navy
Just make it clear
That a rousing cheer
Is very much in order for the N-A-V-Y
The Navy

American Eagles

Eagles, American eagles
America sings of her wings in the sky

Eagles, American eagles
America's strong just as long as they fly

Give us some more bombers to attack with
More bombers till the skies are black with

Eagles, American eagles
America sings of her kings in the sky

With My Head in the Clouds

What does a flyer think of when he's up there in the sky?
Ask any Army pilot and he'll answer with a sigh

While I'm there in the air 
With my head in the clouds 
I think of someone I love

And I know down below 
She is thinking of me 
When I am up there above

When the night is clear 
And the bombardier
Drops a bomb that's wired for sound

How I yearn to return
With my head in the clouds
To the one I love on the ground

This Time / Dressed Up to Win

[as sung in film:]

'Twas not so long ago we sailed to meet the foe
And thought our fighting days were done
We thought 'twas over then but now we're in again
To win the war that wasn't won

This time, we will all make certain
That this time is the last time

This time, we will not say "Curtain"
Till we ring it down in their own home town

For this time, we are out to finish 
The job we started then

Clean it up for all time this time
So we won't have to do it again

Dressed up to win
We're dressed up to win
Dressed up for victory
We are just beginning 
And we won't stop winning
Till the world is free

We'll fight to the finish this time
And we'll never have to do it again


What Does He Look Like?

Johnny Doughboy overseas filled with pride and joy
Stopping everyone he meets and shouting "It's a boy"

What does he look like, that boy of mine?
Since the news came I can't get him off my mind

Does he resemble his homely dad?
Does he look like the girl that I left behind?

Bring on the Germans and bring on the Japs
Bring on the first who you can find

One for the rascal I haven't seen
And one for the girl that I left behind

Take Me With You, Soldier Boy

Take me with you, soldier boy
Take me when you start
I won't take up too much space in your heart

I'll be with you, soldier boy
With you day and night
And I promise not to get in your way

I know there's a job to do but, somehow, you will find
A soldier does a better job with a girl on his mind

Let me be your lucky charm when you cross the sea
Someday, I'll return you safely to me


All of My Life

Someone was always in my dreams
That someone was always you
I never thought we'd meet someday
But now that my dream came true

I just want the right to love you
All of my life
Just the right to take care of you
All of my life

I just want the right to be near you
Always to be there
Sharing ev'ry care and strife

Life can be as simple as a nursery rhyme
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all of the time

Long as I may live 
I just want the right to give
All my love with all my heart for all of my life


Everybody Knew But Me

Love sees ev'rything right but love can be blind
I've seen things with my heart instead of my mind
Love sees ev'rything high when ev'rything's low
And the first to be hurt is the last one to know

Ev'rybody knew but me
You were longing to be free

I thought that I was in clover but my dreams were over
And ev'rybody knew but me

We were in a minor key
We were bound to disagree

And ev'rybody saw the things that I was too much in love to see
You were getting thru and ev'rybody knew but me