Album Title:               Internet Contributor I - Frank Sinatra
Prime Artist:              Jack Jones
Lyrics by:                 Johnny Mercer
Music by:                  Elmer Bernstein

From the Film:             Love With The Proper Stranger  1964 (M)
I could fall in love with the proper stranger
If I heard the bells and the banjos ring
If two certain eyes with the look of danger
Smiled a welcome warm as Spring

If the tom-tom in my heart sounded out a warning
"Don't let her, don't let her walk through the door"
"This is the one you've been waiting for"
Oh, yes, I'd know
However wild it seems, you know I'd know
And I'd whisper

"Come take my hand, proper stranger"
"Don't go through life as a stranger"
"For I'm a poor proper stranger, too"

Transcribed by Ron Hontz