Track Title:               He Was Too Good To Me
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra
Prime Artist:              Carly Simon

Lyrics by:                 Lorenz Hart
Music by:                  Richard Rodgers

There goes my young intended,
The thing is ended,
Regrets are vain.
I'll never find
Another half so sweet
And we'll never meet again.
I got  impatient,
Told him good-bye
Out in the rain.


He was too good to me,
How can I get along now?
So close he stood to me
Everything seems  all wrong now.
He who had brought me the sun
Making me smile,
That was his fun.
When I was mean to him
He'd never say go 'way now,
I was a queen to him,
Whose gonna make me gay now?
It's only natural that I'm blue,
He was too good to be true.
Transcribed by David Gwyn Jones