Track Title:               Love Never Went To College
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Marcy Westcott
Lyrics by:                 Lorenz Hart
Music by:                  Richard Rodgers
Vocal:                     Richard Kollmar

From the Film:             Too Many Girls  1939 (S)  1940 (M)

A pretty girl and a bright young man
Try to be friends but never can.
That is what perplexes
Young folks of opposite sexes.
Love likes to pull their legs a bit.
So you're either in love or out of it
Love doesn't make much sense
But his technique is immense.


Love never went to college
Ignorant boy, that.
But think of the joy that he starts.
His work requires no knowledge
So he can do it
By using intuitive arts.
He just says, "You two kids
Start falling in love
I ain't got brains
But I reigns over all these parts."
Love never went to college
Never had teaching
But yet he keeps reaching our hearts!

Contributed by Carlene Bogle