Track Title:               The Man For Me (aka 'The Letter Song')
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Jeanette MacDonald
Lyrics by:                 Lorenz Hart
Music by:                  Richard Rodgers
Vocal:                     Maurice Chevalier

Outtake from:              Love Me Tonight  1932 (M)
[Speaks as she writes ]
There is nothing doing at night!
[Stops writing ]
That's silly!  What can I write?
[Writes again]
How I wish that you could be here!
[Stops writing]
That's stupid!  Can't think!
Oh, dear!
I wish someone could help me!
Writing always makes me nervous!

If Mademoiselle forgives me-
I am at her service!


Oh-I'm sorry!  Allow me!

It's such a stupid letter!

I'll be indebted if you let me help you

Oh, no!  I'd be the debtor!
What can I write?
It's so hard for me.
Night after night
Is dull as can be.
l'm writing to a girlfriend,
My little Marie!

Let me see!  Let me see!
Why don't you write this
As I dictate it.
[She writes as he dictates]
I have met the one man, my dear!

Who is it?

[continuing to dictate ]
On a visit here!
I am so excited tonight!


And delighted!  Dear!
He is so distinguished and sweet,
Very debonair yet discreet!
He's the height of fashion!

[continuing to write]
My passion's at fever heat!

He's so modest all of the while,

Oh, very!

With a merry smile.
He is made of iron. He's tall.


With romantic style!
He's a Julius Caesar in mind
With Apollo's beauty combined.
So, my little friend, you see He's the very man for me! [Jeanette] I'll sign my name! [Maurice] It' s easy to see This little note Is sweet as can be. It's sure to please your Girlfriend, your Little Marie! Now read it for me, Read it for me! [Jeanette] [reading] I have met a foolish young man [Maurice] Who is it? [Jeanette] On a visit here! I'll get rid of him if I can. [Maurice] I'm choking. [Jeanette] I'm not joking, dear. He is undistinguished and plain! Very unattractive yet vain! And he needs a shaking! [Maurice] I'm taking The first fast train! [Jeanette] All he does is grin like a mule! [Maurice] I'm frowning. [Jeanette] He's a clowning fool! He could never learn how to love! [Maurice] I'll grow to- [Jeanette] He should go to school! He's a simple Simon in mind. To describe his looks is unkind. So, my little friend, you see He is not the man for me. Contributed by Carlene Bogle