Track Title:               Max And Frieda-Silver Wedding Anniversary
Album Title:               Internet Contributor III - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Unknown
Lyrics by:                 Lorenz Hart
Music by:                  Irving Berlin     (b. Israel Balin)
Adapted from:              Berlin - Alexander's Ragtime Band

1911 for his parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary,
first known surviving lyric.
Music to the tune of Irving Berlin's, "Alexander's Ragtime Band"

Verse 1

Oh, my hubby, put your hat on.
Better hurry, the taxi's waiting.
We are going, surely going
To the big array-Silver Wedding Day.
Better hurry, better hurry-
Lord, we don't want to come too late, dear.
Come now, somehow, better hurry along.

Refrain 1

So clink your glass, each lad and lass,
For Max and Frieda's wedding day.
Put on a smile, make life worthwhile-
Let each wrinkle shout Hooray!
For life is much too short and time will always fly-
One, two, twenty-five, the years go rolling by.
This is the bestest night of all-let the laughter fall.
Years of joy, Max a boy, at full two score is well.
And Mrs. Hart still plays her part,
Though her age I dare not tell.
But if you want to make the evening seem like the dear old times,
Clink your glass each lad and lass,
To Max and Frieda's wedding day.

Verse 2

Way, way back, dear, '86 dear,
Things were not just like they are now, dear-
I was young, dear, you were young, dear,
And we didn't plan to help the census man.
Silver streaks, dear, in my hair, dear,
But our hearts, dear, are as young as ever.
Come now, somehow, jolly up and be young.

Refrain 2

In diesen Haus lass Saus und Braus
Konige von allem sein.
Drink a pile, it's worth your while,
Hab die Katz im Morgenschein.
For life is much too short and the years are rolling by-
Eins, zwei, funf-und-zwanzig,
Let the old times fly.
This in the bestest night of all-
Let the laughter fall.
Nur einmal ist es erlaubt,
Dass der Mensch gut leben kann.
Die Zeit fliegt ja und Sorg beraubt
Alle Jugend von dem Mann.
So if you want to make the evening seem like the dear old times.
Clink your glass, each lad and lass,
Zu der Silberfestigung.

Contributed by Carlene Bogle