Track Title:               Yours Sincerely
Album Title:               Internet Contributor I - Frank Sinatra

Prime Artist:              Glenn Hunter and Bernice Claire
Lyrics by:                 Lorenz Hart
Music by:                  Richard Rodgers
From the Show:             Spring Is Here  1929 (S)


           Dearest one
           I write what I'm afraid to speak,
           I'm weak when I'm with you,
           Tears of love are causing
           All the ink to blot
           So what am I to do?
           Hoping to find the phrases,
           Groping to find each word,
           How they all burn like blazes,
           Now they all seem absurd.
           Though I don't know where to end
           And to begin
           You must give in because


           I'm yours sincerely,
           The one who loves you dearly,
           To think about it nearly takes
           My breath away.
           Very truly
           My passion is unruly,
           A dream of you is newly born
           Each night and day.
           Oh but my thoughts are fervent,
           How can I make them plain?
           Ever your humble servant
           Faithfully I remain.
           I'm intending
           To find a happy ending
           Because I love you dearly
           I'm sincerely yours.
Transcribed by David Gwyn Jones