Track Title:               I Must Have That Man
Album Title:               The Early Years - Part 2, disc 2

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Lyrics by:                 Dorothy Fields
Music by:                  Jimmy McHugh
Orchestra:                 Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra

From the Show:             Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1928 (S)

ďI MUST HAVE THAT MANĒ  Lyrics. Dorothy Fields.  Music by Jimmy Mc. Hugh. Copywright. 1928

VERSE; ď Iím so unhappy, left all alone ainít got nobody to love now

The man I long for is not strong for me

Heís not an angel, but I donít care, perhaps a changeíll come some day,

Whatever he is I want to be his way.

CHORUS; ď Donít want my mammy, I donít need a friend, my heart is broken, it wonít ever mend,

I ainít much cariní just where I will end, I must have that man !

Iím like an oven thatís cryiní for heat, He treats me awful each time that we meet

Itís just unlawful how that boy can cheat, But I must have that man !   Heís hot as

Hades, a la-dyís not safe in his arms when sheís kissed

But Iím afraid that heís cooled off and maybe Iím ruled off  his list, Iíll never be missed

I need that person much worse ní just bad Iím half alive ní heís driviní me mad,

Heís only human, if heís to be had Ė I must have that man !Ē