Track Title:               Little White Lies
Album Title:               The Early Years - Part 2, disc 1

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Originally made famous by: Guy Lombardo
Written by:                Walter Donaldson
Orchestra:                 Chick Webb     (William Henry W.)

From:                      1930
“LITTLE WHITE LIES”   Words & Music by Walter Donaldson. Copywright 1930.

VERSE:  “ ‘Twas just a night like this, filled with bliss, -you led my heart astray,

‘twas just a real sweet chance, to learn romance, in a perfect way,

it was the end of a perfect day, Say the-

CHORUS; “ moon was all aglow and heaven was in your eyes,

The night that you told me those little white lies – The

Stars all seemed to know, that you didn’t mean all those sighs

The night that you told me, those little white lies.  I


Try but there’s no for-get-ting when evening appears

I sigh – but there’s no re-gret-ting in spite of my tears.-The

Devil was in your heart, but heaven was in your eyes, the night that you told me

Those little white lies !