Album Title:               Duke Ellington Songbook, disc 6
Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Producer:                  Norman Granz

Written by:                Duke Ellington (Edward Kennedy Ellington)

Written by:                Billy Strayhorn  (William Thomas S)
Written by:                Johnny Mercer
From:                      1953

Cigarette holder which wigs me
over her shoulder, she digs me.
Out cattin' that satin doll.
Baby, shall we go out skippin ?
Careful, amigo, you're flippin',
speaks Latin that satin doll.
      She's nobody's fool so I'm playing it cool as can be.
      I'll give it a whirl but I ain't for no girl catching me,
Telephone numbers well you know,
doing my rhumbas with uno
and that'n  my satin doll.