Track Title:               All Of Me
Album Title:               Frank Sinatra:  The Capitol Years, Disc 1

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Originally made famous by: Billie Holiday
Written by:                Seymour Simons
Written by:                Gerald Marks

From the Album:            Swing Easy  1953 (A)
All of me - why not take (come on get) all of me
Can't you see - I'm no good (just a mess) without you

Take my lips - I want to lose them
Take (Get a piece of)  my (these) arms - I'll never use them

Your good-bye - left me with eyes that cry
How can I - get along (ever make it) without you

(You know) You took (got) the part - that once was (used to be) my heart
So why not - why not take all of me