Track Title:               Here I'll Stay

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Lyrics by:                 Alan Jay Lerner
Music by:                  Kurt Weill
Originally made famous by: Jo Stafford

From the Show:             Love Life  1948 (S)

VERSE;   ďIf Iíve no will to go from home; or have no urge the seas to roam; Or

Turn my back on a distant star and never burn to wander far; Itís

Not because of fear. Itís because my goal is clear

CHORUS ; ďThereís a far land, Iím told ,where Iíll find a field of gold, but

Here Iíll stay with you.

And they say thereís an isle deep with clover where your heart wears a smile all day through.

But I know well theyíre wrong and I know where I belong, and here Iíll stay with you.

For that land is a sandy illusion Ė Itís the theme of a dream gone astray,

And the world others woo I can find loving you, and so Here Iíll Stay!Ē