Track Title:               How Do You Do Without Me?

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Written by:                Joe Bushkin
Written by:                John DeVries

How's your love life, how's your heartbeat, how do you do with me?
How's that new boy, how does he rate, how do you do without me?
My doctors say I'm fit and healthy, I really come on,
My bank will tell you that I'm solvent, except that I'm overdrawn,
So how's forgiving, how's forgetting, how can you do this to me?
And how's for living, how's for getting a flat with me as a lessee?
I tell you what, you're in a rot, you need a caretaker, see?
Honey, how could you do, how do you do without me?

Contributed by Larry Henares of the Philippines