Track Title:               It's Only Money

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Vocal:                     Groucho Marx
Written by:                Jule Styne
Written by:                Sammy Cahn

From the Album:            Frank Sinatra In Hollywood (1940-1964)  A
From the Film:             Double Dynamite  1951 (F)

Frank:  Forty thousand and twenty more to come.

How nice how that would look sewed in the lining of my coat.

I'm gonna give all these as a Christmas presents.

Now when she sees it, she'll have a big lump on her throat

Groucho:  Maybe not, but she certainly will have a big lump in her stockings.

Frank: No more window shopping, she can have anything she wants

Groucho:  Now you're talking, live dangerously, you got it, spend it, spend it all,

Frank: Oh

Groucho:  It's only money.  Emil, you can finish the floor.  I'm taking the day off, Mr. Yagamuchi, if
 you have any
objections, call up the waiter's union and ask for Otto. Arrivederci.

Frank:  Good afternoon.

(Both sing)

It's only money, it's only dough,

But you can't get enough of the wonderful stuff

Which we jingle or so

It's only money, it's lost your way,

But there's this thing about it that tells snooks without it

The girls don't give dates

I love the artwork, the Treasury sure does smart work,

The nicest people we know

Are the people who get their faces on dough.

It's only money, it's only dough,

And the people who crave it, who worship and save it,

All come to know

You can't take it with you when you go.
(transcribed by Larry Henares of the Philippines,