Track Title:               Love Locked Out

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Written by:                Ray Noble
Written by:                Max Kester Dodgson
From the Album:            In His Most Intimate Mikeside Manner  (A)

From the Album:            Close To You  1957 (A)
Love locked out in all the cold and rain,
Love locked out may never come again,
Love locked out and weeping bitter tears,
But no one ever hears love calling.
Though we need the precious gift it brings,
We don't heed the song of love it sings,
On the door love beats its tiny wings,
Just love locked out.
A world without love is a world without life,
A sad world full of gloom,
So please make a place there for love in your heart,
It does not need much room.
Love is well worth the waiting for,
When it comes knocking at your door,
Fling it wide, for love locked out will come
No more, no more.

Contributed by Larry Henares of the Philippines