Track Title:               Moon Song

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Lyrics by:                 Sam Coslow
Music by:                  Arthur Johnston
Originally made famous by: Kate Smith

From the Album:            The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings  (A)
From the Film:             Hello, Everybody  1932 (M)
Once I tried to capture the rapture of the night,
Silly dreams I knew would disappear,
But it seems they left a souvenir,
One refrain eternally will haunt me, taunt me.
It came from nowhere the night that we met,
T'was like a melodious plea, wee moon song that wasn't meant for me.
Why is it always reminding me of a love dream that never could be.
Wee moon song that wasn't meant for me.
It came gliding into my heart, riding on a moonbeam from above.
Sorrow and this and the whole world blended in a rhapsody of love.
There I heard her singing to somebody else,
What I thought was my melody,
Wee moon song that wasn't meant for me.

Transcribed by Larry Henares of the Philippines