Track Title:               My Baby Just Cares For Me

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Lyrics by:                 Gus Kahn
Music by:                  Walter Donaldson
Originally made famous by: Eddie Cantor

From the Show:             Whoopee  1928 (S)
Did you hear that baby don't care for shows?
Baby don't care for clothes
Baby just cares for me

My baby don't care for furs
And laces
Baby don't care for all those
High tone places

Baby don't care for rings
Or other expensive things
She's as sensible as can be

Baby don't care
Who knows it?
Baby just cares for me

My baby don't care to own
Nine or ten carat stones
Baby just cares for me

Baby don't go for big Rolls-Royces
There's sometimes a doubt about
Her choices

My baby is not much for sports
Like rundowns without shorts
I must say I'm glad that she
She makes such a fine
A fine selection
My baby just cares for me

Originally contributed by Larry Henares of the Philippines

(with some nice catches by Shirley Friedman)
Updated by another visitor