Track Title:               Naturally

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Written by:                Harry Barris
Written by:                Joe McCarty
From the Album:            Frank Sinatra In Hollywood (1940-1964)  A

From the Film:             The Joker Is Wild  1957 (M)
I got married to a girl naturally,

I know `cause she was dressed up like a bride.

Up to now it's pretty tame,

All I did was change her name,

At least I know my folks were satisfied.

She became a movie star, naturally.

And the hours don't quite coincide for us,

So the only time we meet is when I give her my feet,

As she gets on and I get off the bus.

Martha, Martha, where is Martha?

Are we making any dough, naturally.

Even more than just our ordinary day,

We endorse a lot of things, like that bed with inner springs,

That you see in all the magazines today.

The one on the left side is she,

The one on the right side, that's me.

It's the only time we got together, naturally.
(transcribed by Larry Henares of the Philippines,