Track Title:               Oh, Bess, Oh Where's My Bess?
Album Title:               The V-Disc, 1943-1947, disc 2

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Lyrics by:                 Ira Gershwin     (b. Israel Gershvin)
Lyrics by:                 Du Bose Heyward
Music by:                  George Gershwin     (b. Jacob Gershvin)

From the Show:             Porgy and Bess  1935 (S)
        Oh, Bess, oh, where's my Bess?
        Won't somebody tell me where?
        I ain't care what she say, I ain't care what she done
        Won't somebody tell me where's my Bess?  Bess

My Bess, I want her now
Without her I can't go on
I counted the days that I was gone
Till I got home to see her face

Won't somebody tell me where's my Bess?
I want her so, my gal, my Bess
Where is she?

Oh, Lord, in your big heaven
Please show me where I must go
Oh, give me the strength, show me the way

Tell me the truth, where is she?
Where is my gal?
Where's my Bess?

Transcribed by Ron Hontz