Track Title:               On The Town

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Written by:                Betty Comden
Written by:                Leonard Bernstein
Written by:                Adolph Green

From the Film:             On The Town  1949 (M)
Sung by Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett, Ann Miller, Vera Allen,
Jules Munshin

Before we go on a lark,
I got one suggestion before we embark,
There are a lot of nice things to do in the dark,
But let's not go rowing in Central Park.
Woo, woo, woo.
We're going on the town, New York,
We're riding on a rocket, we're going to really sock it,
Because tonight's the night.
We're going on the tube,
We're going to raise a riot, the Brooklyn Bridge we'll buy it,
And hit the hype tonight, the highest hype tonight.
East side, west side, rouse the city,
One day, one night, that's the pity.
And we won't look ahead,
We'll let the light of dawn get around,
We're really living, Jack, we're going on the town.
Stop fellows, what are we saying?
Look over there, the fleet, doesn't she look sweet?
What did we leave it for?  What are we doing on shore?
We're simply crazy about the navy, (how's that?)
We love it more than we can say, (how nice!)
We get like a good fresh air, (uh huh) the ocean's everywhere (uh hum)
That's we hate to get leave and go away.
(It's just so touching, hear them say, take your leave and go away)
(Can't even leave the ship when life is play all the live long day)
Just think of what could we be doing today:
We could be swabbing the deck, sweeping the bunks with a broom,
We could be shoveling tons of coal, down in the boiler room.
Bad news, we got the shore leave blues,
(It just so tragic, hear him sob,)
(He would freak on a tricky spot

Pour on the happy night,
We got news, we have the shore leave blues,
Especially me, I miss the chow,
And that's not all, my friends, just think of this:
Towels, excelsior, see the world. (h'ray)
(musical interlude)
The navy, the navy, absolutely nothing does it lack,
It's boring, tomorrow morning,
They have to come and drag us back.
We're going free
We're going, north, south, east, west, everywhere
We're going on the town, we're taking back the traitors,
We're going to do the fighters, we've never done before,
We're going on the loose, we're doing all our doing,
And we'll keep right on going,
And if the one before was any fun before
Great fun, great fun, fellers
Street-smart keep the street safe, fellers,
We're going to paint it red,
We're on the bend for now,
We're going on tonight, we're going on the town.
Contributed by Larry Henares of the Philippines