Track Title:               Opus One

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Written by:                Sy Oliver
Orchestra:                 Tommy Dorsey
 ďOPUS ONEĒ   Words & Music by Sy Oliver  Copyright 1945.   Key G

ď Iím wrackiní my brain to think of a name to give to this tune so Frankie can croon

and maybe Olí Bing will give it a fling, and thatíll start evíry one humminí the thing

The melodyís dumb repeat and repeat, but if you can swing itís got a good beat,

And thatís the main thing to make with the feet Ďcause rockiní rhythmís ruliní today

So Iíll call it Opus One !

Come on latch on and jump, Hey Ė hey  - hey-itís Opus One

This ainít no time to slump ------Maybe---

If Benny the king would do it in swing, and mister T.D. could rock it for me, thereís never a doubt

Youíll knock yourself out- whenever you should hear OPUS ONEĒ