Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Lyrics by:                 Adolph Green

Lyrics by:                 Betty Comden

Music by:                  Roger Edens
Background Vocal:          Chorus
From the Film:             Take Me Out To The Ball Game  1949 (M)


Oh look away, look away, look away!

Look away, look away,

It's a lovely day today in the USA.

Like a great big strawberry short-cake,

Or a turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Like the Fourth of July or apple pie,

It's strictly USA.

Like a hotdog covered with mustard,

Or an amateur home talent play,

Like a circus parade or lemonade,

It's strictly USA.

Go to a picnic, go to clambake,

Go to a barn dance, or county fair,

You'll see the happy resident,

Rasing kid to be the future president,

Take a man like Abraham Lincoln,

Take a state like I-O-Way

Take a sugar-cured ham, a candied yam,

Or take your favorite Uncle Sam,

And shout a big hooray, it's strictly USA.

You never can know a country

Till you know the folks, see them

In their own native locales.

If you wanna see young acorns

Growing into oaks, you gotta

See the fellas and gals.

And as the sweetest extra special,

A bunch of merchandise,

The all-American gal wins the prize.

Your All-American man is hunk of a man,

He's a handy man in a pinch,

Maybe he can't make love

Like a Latin can,

Still he's quite a guy in a clinch.

All-American fellow wears the coat of  high finance

But the All-American Girl wears the pants.

Like the bell on the little red schoolhouse

or a vote on election day,

Like a brass spittoon, and Daniel Boone,

It's strictly USA.

Back east it's Hey Bud!
Down South it's y'all,

Cowboys say Howdy, Injuns say How

No matter where you're meeting folks.

It's the real American way of greeting folks.

Take a gal like Lydia Pinkham

Take an oyster from Chesapeake Bay

Take our ice cream cones, or Casey Jones,

Take our Mr. Tambo and Mr. Bones

They're really here to stay, but strictly USA.

Transcribed by Larry Henares of the Philippines